Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

After a bit of a wild hair during a recent Joann's visit I made these skirts for Madison.  
I am sure you have seen this peachy-pink ribbon flower fabric.  Well, this trip to the store I was simply unable to walk by the display rack and not snatch up the fabric.

Mads and I are both obsessed with the vintage look.  I wanted to make a really precious skirt for my girly girl, and after a couple days of stressing over trying a skirt without a pattern, with rotary cutter in hand, the fabric went under the knife.

Going for a more "grown-up" look with her skirts, this is what we came up with.  Not too shabby for my first try at this style, & without a pattern :0}  Now I want one!

The second skirt is this teal tulle skirt.  Mads has always loved tutus, but felt like she was ready for a more grown-up form of that skirt too.  The outer layer is that mesh type of tulle.  Joanns finally started to carry an assortment of colors in that fabric.  We added a layer of doubled-over tulle underneath the mesh but on top of the skirt lining.  I think next time I will skip the tulle and just do the mesh.  The skirt didn't need the extra fluff and the tulle makes the mesh extra static-y. 

Mads also loved high waisted skirts.  She loves the big, wide belts and all that, so I made the skirt to be worn high and with a belt.

Poof!  Next time I will make the liner a bit longer too...actually, I might go back and fix this one still, but I still totally love it!

Enjoy your new skirts my dear!  And enjoy the fact we don't wear the same size ;0}
Otherwise they would be living in my closet {tee-hee}


  1. What size does your daughter wear, how many yards did you use, and what did you sew this onto? I need one for a friend of mine who is a size 8.

  2. Madison is about a 14-16. The pink skirt was made from 60" wide fabric purchased from Joanns Fabric. I purchased 2 yards I believe of that fabric, cut two pieces with the fabric doubled over. I didn't use a pattern, just eyeballed it. I purchased the same amount of lining fabric, then three yards of tulle. I should have purchased 4, or one of the pre-cut rolls for the sprig of tulle underneath.

    For the blue skirt, we purchased three yards of mesh. It isn't tulle, it is a stretchy, polyester kind of fabric that hangs well because it is heavier than tulle. It is also much more expensive than tulle, at about $12.99/yd. I would purchase 3 yards for a skirt size 8 and see where that gets you. I also bought 3 yards of the light blue tulle to sew underneath and make it fluffy. You don't need that. Don't do the tulle. It makes the skirt too fluffy, plus tulle is really static clingy. The mesh kept sticking to the tulle in unflattering ways. I ended up cutting it off.

    I bought 2 yds of blue skirt lining for the base. It is about $3.99 if you find the right stuff. For a size 8 skirt, you might get away with 1.5 yards. I had 3" wide elastic I sewed the skirt to for the waist band. Again, no pattern, just trying my luck ;0}

    Let me know if I left anything off. Have a great day!


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