Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Patriotic Door Decor

I had a request a couple weeks back for a door decoration for Memorial Day.  
After thinking a while and playing around with a couple things, I came up with these two.  I have one more to show you but need to add just a bit more before I do.

I really like this saying.  It seems to work for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Flag Day, September 11th, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, and so on.

The flag was a bit tricky to figure out, and I would still change it a bit before selling it as a kit, but I am happy with the design as a whole.  I ended up not being able to get all 50 stars on, but I have reduced them down so next time they should fit.  The stars are vinyl.

My other sign is the classic yellow ribbon.  I fought over what words to actually put on sign.  Finally I settled on the traditional "Support Our Troops" to make it work for more situations, but I also thought "We Remember", "Home of the Brave", or "In Remembrance" would look nice on the ribbon.

Here is the ribbon plain...

Here it is with a huge bow.  I like the idea of the bow....

I love the added color...I am just not sure where to put it!

Here I have it just above the words...

Here it is up higher.  I would like it right where the two ribbon ends meet, but then I can't have words.  Such troubles ;0}

If you are interested in the pattern or kits for these projects you can purchase them on my Etsy site.  Drop me a line if you have any questions.  My email is vanessa.cam5@gmail.com.  Thanks for stopping by!


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    1. I have a silhouette Cameo machine. They run about $270. Here is a link to one listed on Amazon. I bought mine as a "refurbished" machine, meaning the box had been opened before. It saved me $40. Let me know if you have any questions about it. They sell vinyl in the craft stores, but I do not like that stuff. I buy from Vinyle Ease on Amazon. They also sell on Ebay. It typically costs between $1-2 per foot. They sell permanent and repositionable. Repositionable is what you would use on a wall or car. The permanent is what you use on signs like this one. Either one comes off with a blowdryer, but the permanent is on there stronger and takes a lot more work to remove if you change your mind.

    2. http://www.amazon.com/Silhouette-Cameo-Starter-Bundle-Cutter/dp/B007R83VKE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405722365&sr=8-1&keywords=silhouette+cameo

  2. I love both these project! Headed to your Etsy store right now!!

    I like the font on the ribbon - what font is it?


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