Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Uncle Sam Door Decor

I am so proud of myself.  This guy has been on my work table for months now.  I was stuck for a while trying to figure out what to do to make him less Santa like.  Finally I reached out to my FB followers and got suggestions on how to finish.

I really loved the idea from Ann to add stripes to the hat.  

Doesn't he look handsome on the front door!?!  I had intended for him to be bigger.  I may go back an re-do him bigger still, but for now, I love him!

Then a whole slew of other friends suggested I add a little hand and a flag.  I don't know if this is what they had in mind...but I love it!

I tried a couple different lazy ways, and then finally cut a block of wood, drilled a hole at an angle to slide the flag into, and then glued that block to the back of the hand.  It worked perfectly!  Now, since the flag isn't glued in there, just held snugly by the drilled block, I can take the flag out for easy storage.

Thanks Uncle Sam for turning out so cute.  Now I can wave the flag with true crafter's style :0}

p.s. This guy is for sale on my Etsy site just in case you were wondering ;0}

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