Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hunt & Gather

I finally got to go visit this store in Minneapolis, Hunt & Gather.  I came across it when searching for antique store, thrift store, and junk store on google.  I have been trying to track down some old metal casters for my living room table for a few weeks and was really hoping to find some here in the Twin Cities.

Check out the outside of this store!!!  
Doesn't it get your thrifting engine revving!?!

Um, half of this stuff I have never even thought of finding.  Check out those old laundry carts!  

I desperately want this set of blue metal lockers!!!  I can think of about five different places they would be fun to use in my house.  Now to sell more crafts so I can buy this!!!

Um, want that yellow cart too... and everything inside the store!

Suitcases.  Some as low as $15.  On the list?  Check!

I am going to stop talking and let you just look...

She wanted a picture of the gold flatwear.  

Who would even think of using old paint can lids as art???


I was all excited when I saw the $8 price tag...then realized that is the tag for the crate, not the casters.  Still, at $25 I can come back once a month and get them one at a time.

Arizona Mary, this one is for you <3 p="">

And a railroad cart!  They have one!!!  I was pinning them like crazy a few weeks ago.  This one is priced as I have seen them online, $400.  Not in my budget but I will be back to visit :0}

Don't you just love a good Hunt through a huge collection of gathered junky treasures!?!  I need to find more stores like this!

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