Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Little Window Shopping: Material Girls

There are two fabric stores Madison and I have to visit EVERY TIME we come to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Material Girls Quilts is one of them.  It is located at 1645 W. Towne Center Dr., South Jordan, Utah {or just South of the Redwood Rd. and 10600 intersection, South and on the same side of the road as Harmon's grocery store.

Never have I seen such a spunky, bright, fun quilt/fabric store.  Mads and I usually come to touch all the latest fabrics and to pick a pattern to make when we get back home.  I love, LoVe. LOVE that Material Girls has their patterns made up all over the store.  

Also, I can't tell you how many times we have been to this store, and this was the first time I noticed the bike and other misc. antiques up on the shelf above all the fabulous fabrics.  SEW CUTE!  This place has all sorts of antiques woven throughout the displays and products.  

Besides fabric and patterns, Material Girls has a fun section of zippers, ribbons, trims, and awesome specialty fabrics I can't help but run my fingers over.

I am going to be quite now.  Just take a minute and soak it all in...

The cute little bicycle stitchery was my chosen pattern for this visit ;0}

This dress pattern, the Macy Giggles, WAS going to come home with me, but they were all out.  I will be strong and stick to my one pattern per visit rule...for a few more days.

That pillow made of rosettes is so, so cute in person.  I love rosettes!  I need to get that pattern too ;0}  No sense in telling Mr. SewCakeMaker right now.  I will just wait until the pillow is finished to let him know.  JK

I had to take a pic of this cute little sign they have in the classroom.  It reminds me of a few fabulous ladies I know ;0}  You know who you are!

And check this out!  It is the cutest sewing kit I  have ever seen.  Just the method of keeping it closed is adorable.  The pattern is by Abbey Lane Quilts and comes with the zipper bags that go inside...
Yep.  That would have made packing for my trip a little easier...or at least look better.

This little bit of randomness was just cute.  It looks to me like a table number for a party or wedding or something.  Cute and spunky.

So, if you live in Utah, or are just stopping in for a visit, check out Material Girls.  There is enough eye candy in this store to give you quite an ocular cavity.  Haha.  I know.  Not funny.
But when you are worn out from all the fabulousness in Material Girls Quilts, there is a cute little cupcake shop across the street so you grab a sweet treat and let everything you just saw sink into your brain ;0}

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