Friday, August 15, 2014

A Little Window Shopping: Tai Pan Trading

Tai Pan Trading just so happened to be our first stop on our Salt Lake City window shopping spree this week.  I know I posted about Tai Pan just a couple months ago after our trip to St. George, but this location had all different tidbits of amazingness.

Before you go though, make sure your cart pusher is willing.  It makes your trip way more enjoyable.  Apparently he was misinformed about our shopping trip today.  He assumed we meant Walmart and Target when we said shopping, not home decor, scrapbooking, and woodcrafts :0}  That will teach him not to assume!

Now just prepare yourself for a whole post of randomness and mostly about shabby items that suit my personal tastes.  First, I have seen these ladder shelves tons of times before, but this one was adorably painted and something I would actually love to have in my house if we had even the slightest amount of room in there.  

It would be really cute in a garden too.  Or outside your potting shed???  As if I garden or use the potting shed for anything remotely similar to potting...

K, this door had me standing there staring for a while.  You see, I am on this kick {when I say "kick" I mean spending long hours thinking about...not actually doing.  Let's get that straight} to get my work space organized in a fun and creative way.  While I don't totally love this particular display, I can see a great deal of potential.  I have a couple old doors just sitting around wishing for purpose in their lives.  I can totally see making these boxes and putting something like this up around my work table....had I the space.  Maybe we can just get rid of the kids?  That would make more space for my craft business...Just Kidding!  I finally got them doing the dishes.  I need to work that opportunity for a while still ;0}

Two things here...One, check it out!  More randomly places, funky boxes for storage.  Second, my little sister has been making these...
and asked me to keep an eye out for colored burlap.  Tai Pan has tons of burlap on spools in a bunch of colors.  They have a fabulous assortment of floral stuff and baskets too.  I love them all.  That is why I take so long to just walk through this store.  I have to see and touch everything!

The Salt Lake Tai Pan had a huge selection of glass and dishes.  Even better, it was all on sale from the already cheap prices.  

Another strange obsession lately.  I haven't actually bought any of these awesome jars yet, but one of these days I will figure out how to store them without breakage and these guys will be mine!  

Now this one was weird!  I walked up thinking, "Oh, that looks like my grandma's china hutch"...Tweet..Tweeeeet...

Sorry for the horrible picture, but YES!  This has been turned into a birdcage!!!  A totally awesome birdcage that has made me either want to get a bird or be a bird.  It is a toss up.  I seriously have NEVER wanted a pet bird...EVER, but now...hmmmm...

I was caressing this lovely yellow crate when a sales person came up and told me it wasn't for sale.  I said, "I know.  I just love it though."  These crates are all over the store and used for display purposes.  Yep.  Need some.  I MAY have taken this picture for more reasons than to show you.  Not that I am a CopyCat or anything.  It isn't like I can buy it.  They are not for sale.  You heard the guy.  My only option would be to make my own...How much trunk space do we have left for the trip home???

This is the point my not so patient cart pusher was pushing me towards the door, visions of Walmart video game kiosks dancing in his head. I just started snapping shots of impressive displays.  I love so much about this display.  Those clocks are classic, the chair covers debonair, the wall hanging with the wreaths...should be in my cart.

The holiday displays are so fun.  Why can't my holiday displays be this fun.  Oh yeah!  Space.  What a terrible thorn in my side.  Ok, love the black and white chevron, all the tin, rustic white furniture and just a touch of rusty orange and olive green.  Inspiring.

These adorable votive holders caught my eye first because we have another wedding in the family coming up next summer.  These would be so cute hanging in the trees!!!

But they also had this tree sitting next to the display all decked out with votive holders!  It was so sweet.  I can think of a thousand different situations where that tree full of glowing votives would be so cool.  p.s.  I want that yellow stand it is sitting on.  I want two.  They will be my night stands and I shall call them nightstands and they will hold my water all night long.

Can you tell I am totally lacking sleep.  I better finish up this post and get to bed.  More Utah touring tomorrow!!!

Love, love, love.

Have I mentioned recently that yellow is my favorite color???  Love it.  Always have, always will.  It makes me a trip to Tai Pan Trading.  Next time I write about my love of this store, I should contact them and make them pay me to share my feelings.  Then maybe I can leave the store with a full cart and make a few of these things mine!!!

More shopping tomorrow and eventually, major card making and some totally fun woodcrafts.  No time to sleep!!!!  Must craft on.

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