Friday, August 22, 2014

A Little Window Shopping: Regional, Vinyl Retailer

Officially my MOST VISITED STORE this entire trip...
3571 S. 300 W. 
Salt Lake City, UT  84115

They sell vinyl, cutting machines, blades and mats and plastics and basically heaven on earth as far as this color-obsessed crafter is concerned.  Come inside and let me explain...

Walk in the door, turn left, and BAM!  Take in the rainbow of vinyl sold by the 12x24" sheets.  I have been buying  my vinyl on Amazon for a couple years now, but NEVER before have I seen a sight like this place, isles splashed with colorful vinyl you can touch and hold and carry all over the store until you finally decide you are going to have to put some back because you now have 675 sheets in your hands and you cannot possibly buy that many in one shopping trip!   Make sense?  

Here you have your sparkly sheets.  They are on sale for $1.60 a sheet.  Yep.  A steel of a deal.  I haven't even been able to find this type of vinyl for sale, let alone in a cute little 12x24" Sheet.

Then you have your standard rainbow of matte vinyl, around $2.60 a sheet {going off of memory here so please do forgive me if I am off by a couple cents!!!}.  There are so many shades of each color I simply can't decide in one trip...or four, which sheets to take back to Minnesota with me.  

For my fellow tight-wad's out there, I found this rack on my most recent trip to Regional.  The Damaged Sheets tray is stacked with just about every color of vinyl and includes sheets that have rips or wrinkles in them.  For my particular purposes, this find was like striking gold.  I usually only need a tiny smidge of a variety of different colors for designs I am doing.  These sheets are only $.66. Heck, I can work around a couple smudges and rips to save myself $2 a sheet, or $1 a foot!!!  I left with 17 of these in my hot little hands that day ;0}  I used 6 of them than night too!

So now we have talked about the first two rows, there are all these and many more to stare at and try to come up with projects to use the rest of these for.

Check out this selection!  Stencil sheets, Glow in the dark vinyl, chalkboard and dry erase vinyl, gold and silver, textured and holographic, what???

Regional has sold 24 and 36" wide rolls for years, but these 12" rolls of Oracal 631 and 651 are a recent addition.  They are sold in 10 and 30 feet amounts, the 30 foot rolls for around $24 if I remember correctly.  If I have estimated this correctly, these rolls are around $10 less than what I pay on Amazon for the same amount of vinyl.

Each day I have come in the color selection of the rolls has multiplied.  I may be a little obsessed.  Good thing we only have two more days in town of I might have to form an vinyl lover's support group.

These would be the same colors as the other rows, but sold in gloss finish instead of matte.

Whaz that you say?  Do they have iron-on vinyl???

Several varieties.  I think, next time I go I should grab some iron-on to try when I get home...then I walk into the store and end up in the color induced trance again and end up unable to remember what I went to the store to buy.  Word to the wise, write down what you need before you go ;0}

Sparkly iron-on

Standard all it's fabulousness.

Then specialty iron, like mirror and flocked...
I need to step out for a minute to let my brain recover.

So, I had a little chat with my favorite cashier and he took me in here to see the big machines.  I should first mention that they sell the Silhouette Cameo here.  I almost cried when he told me they sell it for $225, complete with the blade and mat, etc.  I bought mine, as a refurbished machine, on Amazon for $250.  Thinking about buying a Cameo???  Give these guys a call.  Regional also sells the big guys. 
 A couple of these machines actually print on the vinyl 
{and yes, they sell the printable vinyl in the store ;-}

The big signs on the wall are examples of printed vinyl they made up on the machines.  They look amazing and he says they hold up really well to weather and UV rays.

I asked him what the next step would be from my Silhouette, and he said these guys.  They both hang out in the $2500 range, so it will be a while before I move up,but it is super nice to know where to go when I am ready to buy.

Regional also has about every tool and accessory you might need for your machine and cutting agenda.  They sell Silhouette mats here for around $11 and the blades for around $9.  Silhouette can be hard to find in the stores, at least in Minnesota, so it is great to know you can get them here if you are a local.  Regional also takes phone orders or you can order from their website.  My Regional friend told me they have free shipping to Minnesota on all orders over $125.  Fabulous!

Note the rolls of transfer tape.  How could I forget to tell you that they sell a great transfer tape here? The masking version is way more transparent than the last roll I bought online.  It is an important attribute when working with clear ornament inserts!!!

You can take a seat here when waiting for your will-call orders...
Enjoy a little fresh popped {Emmalee's favorite part of the she wants a popcorn machine for Christmas.  Oh brother!}

Then, just when you thought you were ready to leave, there are racks of end bolts of vinyl for sale at a discount...

As well as a bin of Acrylic scraps for sale by the pound.  I grabbed one piece, about 12x32 for $2.50.

Awesome.  I may need to go back one more time before we leave ;0}  It is so much nicer to shop for this kind of thing in a store where you can touch and carry around, to stack and thin your real shopping cart rather than a virtual cart!  Love it.  

Live too far away to order from them in person???
You can check them out online at
I even like their website.  It is clean and easy to navigate.  
I love you Regional Supply!

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  1. I live in Utah and had no idea about this little secret... I can't wait to get a day off work so I can go down and do some shopping. Thank you for sharing your travels... it was fun to see some of my favorite stores too! Huggies!


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