Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Mini Session, Take One!

Oh My, my!  We had so much fun playing with all of these smiley kids for our Christmas Mini Session a week or two ago.  It was kinda a last minute deal.  Orders had returned to a normal level and I had all these amazing Christmas props just screaming to be used...

Just add smiles and we are good to go!

With the mini sessions each family only gets 15 minutes infront of the camera.  I am horrible at sticking to 15 minutes, but we work it every second and get some really fun shots.  My 16 yr old Madison and 1000 yr old sister Kallie are my assistants.  I am just checking to see if my sister actually reads my blog ;0}

By assistant, I mean eternal slaves to the children that must run, jump, sing, dance, throw snowballs or WHATEVER it takes to bring the smiles.  I probably need to pay them more ;0}

I love this.  Olaf is even lilting his head for their personal conversation.  {awe}

Oh, those rolls!  I am a sucker for the pudgy babies!!!

I LOVe it when I can get mom in the picture too.

We have to throw a couple bloopers in there too.

Emersyn.  So, so sweet.  Love this girl.

I have to try and clean my kitchen and get some baking done, but I will be back soon with more pics from our days of clicks!

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