Saturday, December 6, 2014

You Know You Wanted More!

Sick of Ornaments YET???  Never!  You know you wanted to see more.

These are a few of the attempts for a recent custom order.  My sweet customer was ordering these for her Sunday School class.  She wanted 15 unique ornaments the kids could choose from.

It was a lot harder than you would think to rifle through my pile of daubers and make 15 unique ornaments teens would love.  Hopefully we did OK.  These two on top are probably the biggest ;0}
I call them my Medusa line.  I actually really liked them...the next morning.  If you have ever crafted at my house, chances are you have heard me say, "Just go to bed.  It will look better in the Morning!"  It was true for these two Medusa ornaments.  The pack I make for my tree are going to look like these.

Mads helped me with a few.  She was about as excited as I was to sit down and do these, then she just sat and stared once she had glue gun in hand.  It was rather comical to me.  I had literally done the exact same thing 15 minutes earlier.  It was quite comforting to see my fearless teenager, wild with creativity, sit and get the same blank stare that plagued my face.  Anyway, she made these two cute ones.  I like the white fir replacing the green.  She said something about that and I had no clue what she was talking about until I saw this ornament.

One of my favorites!  I should tell you, I like to put the nativity low on the insert, so it just about touches the corners of the nativity to the edge of the insert.  I did that with this one, then cut the insert flat underneath.  That way, when I put the gold filler inside, there was open space at the bottom and it wasn't pinched off down there.  Beautiful.  This gold...what do they call it...

Twinkle trim!  Yep.  Bought it at Hobby Lobby.  It looks like really fancy straw in there with the nativity.
I need to buy more of that stuff.

Awe.  Love Candy canes.

Meet the original Medusa ornament.  I tried to glue just a couple sprigs of beaded branch to the front.  It looked terrible.  Added some floating snowflakes.  Worse.  Pine cones.  Now it looks like a nest...and falls on it's face.  Might as well make it go all the way around.  Tadah!  Wait.  It really looks like a nest.  Madison..."Mom, you need a bird on that!"  Mom...laughing.."Wait!  I have one!"

Reminds me of the giant bird on bugs life.

See the resemblance???

Other than the bird needing to go on a diet or get a lap band or something...I LovE it!  

Dear customer, 

It is OK.  Giant bird in the Medusa nest is not in your box.

He lives on my tree.  

And I bought smaller birds at Hobby Lobby so I can make a whole family of baby bird Medusa nest ornaments to cherish and haunt my family for generations.

Madison.  You are welcome.


  1. Hey Vanessa, I LOVE them all!!! Thanks for posting. You're very creative!! I can't wait for our Christmas party. Thanks you SO much!!!

    1. Claudia, I am so glad to hear it. I worry ;0} Good luck with your party and I sure hope your kids can all find one they love. Happy Holidays!

      The SewCakeMaker

  2. How did you get the nativity scene inside the ornament without crushing, folds, etc?


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