Friday, December 5, 2014

Couched For The Season

You are looking at my every breathing moment from the last 45 days.

Now you are looking at my 12 toed cat how had a great time with all of the packing materials and empty ornament boxes that were lying around.  

I have been Couched For The Season.
Couched making ornaments.  Did I ever imagine I would one day spend the whole month of November sitting on the couch making ornaments, the very same ornament I don't actually own for myself??? 
But it pays the bills, so keep 'em coming!

Every once in a while I took a break to stretch my legs, grabbed a pop and drove to Hobby Lobby to buy more ornament supplies, like ribbon for bows.

Do you know how exciting it is to sit and tie 2000 bows in a day.  Nope.  No one does.  That is because it is not exciting.  But, the whole first season of Downton Abby I watched whilst tying and snipping was very exciting.  I had to switch to Downton Abby 'cause I finished Call the Midwife!  Netflix, I MUST HAVE MORE!  You can't just leave me hanging like that!?!  Season three!  Season ThreE!

Couched, but not rested.  No sleep.  Please forgive my lack of sanity.

The rest are just glimpses of my last 45 days.  Custom ornament orders, custom vinyl orders, in the middle of the night orders.

Not all vinyl likes to be picked.  Nope.  Not all.  Some makes me want to throw things at joggers going by my front window.  The window I can peer through while chained to my couch...

19 dozen.  Yup.  Big order.

I need to make a bout a thousand more of these to get to the point I don't squeal with delight when I see his smiling face.  I love happy things!

Discovered Walmart sells plastic ornaments that work great with my inserts!!!
Good to know!

22 dozen.  Not fun to ship.  Nope.  It is not.

I sent out over 50 orders the day before.  This was a stifling image for my eyes to behold.  My bank account loved it, just like all my family that was simply counting dollar signs.  That was when I sat them all down, handed them a cutting board and an exacto knife complete with nativity vinyl to pick.  There is no way I am doing all the work ;0}  Now my kids talk price of things from the store in terms of sheets of vinyl.  "I want this pair of sunglasses, but do you know how many sheets of vinyl they cost???"  

My response, "Yes.  Yes I do."

This was a really interesting custom order for me.  This fabulous customer asked for a stencil so she could airbrush some Christmas cookies for a party.

Airbrush???  Cookies???

It took a bit of work, but I got it!  A one piece stencil to make a nativity design on cookies.  You could probably dust with powdered sugar or sanding sugars if you don't have an airbrush setup ;0}

Burlap ribbon bows.  I like them!

20 dozen

Had to go buy some Michaels ornaments to test for insert size.  I sell the inserts in any size, but Michaels apparently does not bother to put the size on the box???

I am going to have to call them.

These two are 2.75 and 2 inches.  Not the same as the rest of the stores.  It's OK.  I can still make them.

<3 p="">

Love this design.  Not super fun for 2 5/8" or smaller ornaments, not even always possible, but these were for 3 1/4" ornaments.  They worked great.

Did you know the takeout boxes work fabulously as a gift box for ornaments???  They also sell cupcake boxes that work great for the 2 5/8" and smaller.  These are at Micheals.

I worked literally around the clock the week of Thanksgiving, just taking a 2 hour nap here or there.  We even filled an entire bin at the post office just with the orders.  All the hundred envelopes are at the bottom.  

Anyway, I better get back to work.  More orders to finish up for today, but luckily we are back to sleeping at night.  Phew!  Time to make myself a set ;0}

p.s. Still have about 10 dozen ornaments, some with snow, some without sitting here ready to ship once bows are glued on.  Stop by TheBubbleBox to grab a box for yourself ;0}

Closing the shop in one week, so get your nativities while you still can!!!

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