Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Mini Session, Take Two!

Here goes round two of my Christmas Mini's.  First up are my own snuggly niece and nephews.

Because they are my own I feel the right to add the goofy shots ;0}

Stinkers, all of them ;0P  Makes me want to kiss those cheeks.

And just as much fun as this mother and son!  What a fun set to photograph.

Shoot me if I am wrong here, but I think this handsome boy is in the 8th grade!?!  
Hide your daughter's ladies.  This one is a heartbreaker!

Sweet Ella, we just tried and tried...

and tried and tried...

And tried...but not a smile caught on film.  She is adorable though, so it is ok.  
I think the photos should show their personality more than a stale smile though, so if Ella doesn't want to smile, Ella doesn't need to smile.

This cute family was full of smiles enough for the whole day of pictures.

I had to work and work with this picture to get the backdrop cropped all the way across the picture.  I had a backdrop that was only about 4' wide, so the kids just barely fit within it.  I had to go back after and clone the pattern all across the back.  Turned out pretty good.

This little darling was my show stopper.  I had the best time making her smile.  She was about the size of Emmalee's Bitty Baby, and weighed nothing at all.  She just smiled, and smiled and smiled.  So fun.

She wasn't a real fan of the reindeer hat, but OH did she make it look good!  
What a dolly.  After shoots like her family it makes want to take them all home.
Luckily I get those crazy kids in there too to remind me I am fine with my own three ;0}

More photos coming up!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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