Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Little Bit of Sunshine, Just for ME!

Well I did it!  I finally made something for me!  

I was supposed to be doing any one of a thousand other things, but I just put that all aside and had a little fun with my Silhouette in the wee small hours of the morning.  I was so excited when I had it all designed, cut, and picked, that I tip-toed upstairs and rubbed it in place at 2:30 this morning.  I had a bit of a late night last night ;0} 

I bought these magazine holders at IKEA, 2 in a package for around $3.  My dear sweet husband has a couple of piles of papers around our master bedroom and I am hoping we can get them gone through and contained in these four boxes.  When I say "we" I mean "he", of course.

Wish me luck!

Anyway, after staring at the blank boxes up there on the shelf, all empty and yet to be noticed by a certain someone, I decided I might as well play around with my vinyl and jazz them up a bit.  I do LOvE the bicycle image and came up with the saying after just looking for something cheerful to put on there.  The past few months have been so, so busy and overwhelming and slowly less and less joyful.  I picked the yellow/grey color combo months ago to cheer things up a bit.  Now if we can just get it a little more organized.  Oh honey.....

With my fabulous gift cards to Hobby Lobby from Christmas and my birthday I bought these sweet little signs for my bathroom.  I have been staring at that space on the wall every time I visited the room since we moved in, wondering all the while what I should put there.  Now I just need to decide on what I want above the "Love" sign and that little spot will be done.

The other area just driving me nuts is the space above my bed.  You see, I tend to sit and think and stare at an area for months and months, then finally it seems to get a bit of momentum and WHAM!  Great ideas hit.  This spot is still not quite rolling.  I did get this wooden pennant banner from Hobby Lobby at the same time as the bathroom decor.  Do you like my little pet hedgehog that lives on my headboard ;0}  I do!

Anyway, planning to hang some old windows here, and this pennant, if I can just catch a vision of how I want them up there.  The windows are big and different sizes.  I thought about painting them different colors, or all one color, or putting fabric behind them....

Such serious problems for one tired mind :0}

Regardless, I am so, so excited for my newly decorated boxes and the little bit of sunshine they bring into my room.  We all could use a little more sunshine in our lives.

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