Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Day My Nephew Turned 7

Doing pictures for family can be about ten thousand times more work than doing them for paying customers.  Here is how my nephew's birthday shoot went...
90 miles and hour down hill.

Awe, handsome boy, smiling, slightly goofy, but just so handsome.

All right goofy.  Where are your normal smiles?

That is a nice smile.  I don't like the 7 covering your face...

Well, now we can see your face and it makes me want to cry.

J, hold that number on the floor please!

Well, we have the 7 on the floor.  I am not really sure I like that...

Yeah.  Not that either!!!

Awe!  That is it!!!

Let's switch the backdrops......
Johnathon:  "Can I do my own pose?"

Me: "Sure. Um, OK"

Me again:  "So, can we have some normal smiles now?"

Or no smiles.  Lets just try a straight face.  No smiles.

OK.  That is a great straight face.  Not a hint of a smile there.  Now just a little smile...

Nevermind.  Lets change poses here.

OK!  I like it.  You look super grown up there.  We just need to repostition a tad...Could you sit up a bit, maybe lean forward a smidge?

Now that is more forward.  What is with the zombie eyes?

John, you are scaring me.  Stop with the eyes.  Hello?

Yep.  We are done.  

Happy Birthday Johnathon.  I hope your mom uses this very picture in your senior yearbook!
Love Auntie <3 p="">

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