Friday, February 13, 2015


I finished up a little bit of Charming for Emmalee's wall this week.  

I purchased this wooden frame from Crafts Direct probably two years ago.  Last summer I painted it blue.  This past week I finally figured out what to do with it!  
My mind is always working, but just at it's own pace ;0}

I know it is silly, but it was a pretty exciting thing for me to get this project in motion finally.

Here is a glimpse at what it takes to cut something like this out.  I found a picture, traced it, cut it out, traced it again but on wood this time, then drilled relief holes to make cutting the middle holes a possibility.

I cut the image out with my scroll saw, then for each inside hole, I have to unscrew the scroll saw blade, fish it through a hole, tighten it back up, cut the piece out, unscrew the blade, get it in the next inside patch to be cut, and do it all over again.  Not to sound complainy, but it gets to be a pain.  Luckily this was totally worth it!

All cut, now to paint...

I wasted no time putting Grandma to work painting this.  The edges were sanded just a touch for dimension, and then glued to the frame.

I showed Emmalee.  Bet you can't guess her response..."Mom, when you are done with that can I paint it the way I want it?"  "How do you want it?"  "Well, I would paint the dress blue and the face skin color...."


Yep.  Mean mom.  I told her we could cut out another one for her to paint, this one is going on the wall.

So there it sits, right across the room from the castle.


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  1. You are so talented! I look at all of your projects and simply drool over them! Power tools are so intimidating! Perhaps one day I will make something even half as wonderful as you do!


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