Thursday, November 11, 2010

Luv Bug Hairbows

I made this little bow a few months ago and posted her on Etsy for sale.  Yesterday I got a special last minute request for 9 of them.  The darling customer wanted them for her daughter's soccer team this Saturday.  Guess what their team name is...that's right, the Love Bugs!  How cute is that!?!  When I played little league soccer we were the panthers or the bobcats, nothing cute like the Love Bugs :0) 

The actual colors of the team were red and pink with black and white accent colors (nothing like our brown and yellow of the 80's).  Due to a mishap involving my husband being sent to Hobby Lobby alone on his way home, I had to go back to the store myself.  While there I realized that the ladybug ribbon not only comes in pink and green (which I already had), but in the exact team colors as well!!!  You know what that meant...

I HAD to make all new bows in the new ribbon colors to match those polyester soccer shorts exactly!
After a lot of diet soda...and some sugar to replace what was missing in the soda...I finished these babies about 4:30 this morning!  That is the latest night I have had in some time :0)
Cute though, right?

9 little girls running all over the soccer field wearing my baby bug bows this Saturday...Priceless!
It was all worth it :0)

1 comment:

  1. Very cute- now go get some sleep! ;)
    Seriously they are darling!


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