Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Designs

New Customer, New Clippies!  These are a few of the new designs I came up with for a new customer.  I was told fruit, vegetables, chocolates and candies, some sports, and school stuff.  They had a few other requests, but with my limited time I focused on these areas.  For you that are new here, these are hair clippies :0)  I put them on an alligator clip and they are worn in the hair like a hair bow! 
I made these little chocolates out of clay.  I thin I might have shown them before.  They are about 1/2" in real life.  The little plates are less than 1", the bigger, just over.

Now that is a plate of veggies any kid could swallow!  Literally!  You know how your mama tells you two more bites of your broccoli and you can get down...well now it is only one!

These were a variety of stickers and buttons, but the grapes and the valentines box were made with clay!  Don't you just LOVE clay!?!  It really makes me want to pull out my fondant and make something!

How about that up close shot?  Can you tell I am a little proud of these?  I made that box of chocolates.  It took me some time to figure out just how to do it.  I finally ended up wrapping around a wooden heart with paper, gluing it underneath.  I punched circles out of tissue paper, scrunched them up over the end of a pencil, then glued them to the bottom.  After that I came back around with the little clay chocolates I had made (these ones were about 1/4" big) and glued them in place.  I totally love them!

More with stickers and buttons.  I will hand stitch a running stitch around the circles to combine the two scraps of felt, but these were just samples.  You have to pay for that kind of detail, right!?!

These were my little wooden cutouts.  SoCUTE!  I loved the strawberry!  The little seeds really made them pop.  Funny how they look so much better in person than in these pictures.  One day I will figure out how to fix that.

Tomorrow, I will have found my camera and show you our day of pie making we had today.  We taught the girls from church how to make pies.  I had to teach myself first :0)  Funny how people think because you can craft that your abilities are limitless :0)  See you tomorrow!


  1. OMG Vanessa!! these are just sooo ADORABLE!!!! You should do video tutotials!! You are so talented. Love your blog:)


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