Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Saga Continues

Well, my customer asked for MORE...and this is what I came up with.  I am totally thrilled about most of these.  There are a couple hair clippies that are a little out there, my lame attempt at abstract art, but the rest turned out fabulously!  I have decided that I love to work with felt.  It is my newest addiction :0).  
I used printable transfer paper to do the books and the glues.  I bought both the transfer paper for light fabrics (for the glues and open book) and the one for dark fabrics(for the Dr. Seuss book).  Apparently they have two different sets of instructions and OFCOURSE I did not read BOTH sets :0)  That would have been crazy!  My end result was backwards labels for my glue.  I guess you are supposed to flip the image on that one :0)  Now we all know.  Also, when you iron on felt, it melts a little, so those items are a little lower in the loftiness category, but I love them all the same.  I also did the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, I found images of the cover and the inside pages online, but got sick of putting together samples so I will save that one for next time.
The wood pencil and the rainbow are both made from chopping pencils into tiny pieces and gluing them back together.  Crazy huh?  I had high hopes for that rainbow, constructed from colored pencil pieces, but it just never happened for that poor creature.
These are my little bit cheaper clips.  I tried to use actual school supplies to make these.  The little books are made out of wood.  I LOVE how they turned out!  I made a 2-cover book the same way up at the top.  That one I filled with real paper, these I just painted the sides white to be the pages.  The little scissors I got at the Dollar Tree.  I glued them to my little paper shapes of wood and layered felt in there to look like it was being cut. 

The next couple pics are of 3D stickers I used for the clips.  These pics were just my sample pics to show size and options, but I have spent the last two days gluing the stickers to white felt, cutting them out, then gluing them to another color of felt.  The children who are to wear these wear school uniforms so they want them all on either black or navy felt. 

If I ever get these sticker clippies finished :0) I will show you. I have to show you all the clippies I make because I am getting little else done these days. I have pushed the clippy thing big time lately because we are going to Disneyland in a couple weeks and I need all the spending money I can get, right!?!
Oops...forgot this one.  Isn't it cute!  My little clipboard.  I made him out of one of my paper sized wood pieces, cut the clip out of wood, modge podged the scrap of paper to the board, and made the pencil out of a BBQ skewer :0)  I am very proud of the pencil.

These, a terrible picture I know, are for another customer.  She requested "chocolate" designs, among others.  I could not resist making a whole assortment of clay chocolates.  I used the cheep fimo knock-off (only $.99 a color) and was very happy how easy it was to work with.  In fact, I bought purple sculptey brand clay Monday to make some mini grapes and it was WAY harder to use than the cheep stuff!  I think we have a new favorite! 

I have another two weeks of clippies before vacation strikes.  Wish me luck.  My one hope is that you enjoy, even the slightest bit, looking at my mini creations :0)

Happy Crafting!

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