Friday, November 12, 2010

My Sticker Clips

Here are the sticker clippies I have been working on all week.  Monday I drove over 45 miles, 10 miles at a time, lugging 2 two year olds in and out of shopping carts to find 8 sets of each sticker set I needed.  We visited 4 Micheals stores, Joanns, Walmart, and Hobby Lobby to find all the sets that were missing.
Whew!  It makes my arms ache just thinking about it.
I hot glued each sticker together the way I wanted it, glued it to white felt, cut it out, glued it to black or navy felt, cut it out, then glued them on the lined alligator clips or ponytail holders as requested.
I will apologize now for the terrible picture quality.  With it getting dark so much earlier I can't get a decent photo in our black hole of a house :0)

I have to say that baseball bat/glove one is my favorite!!!
Now on to the felt order! 
(Ofdah! I think I need a nap)


  1. OMGosh! You are blowing me away with this! Sooo cute and such tedious work! Awesome job!



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