Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gifts for Her

OK, I am back!  You will NEVER believe how many gift ideas for Mom/Grandma/Auntie/Sister/Girlfriend I came up with!!!  60!  Yep.  I amaze even myself :0)  Just kidding.  I was actually super surprised when I saw blogger uploading 60 photos though.  Hopefully you will find some kind of inspiration here if you are looking.  If you are not, this should make you tired just thinking about making these gifts and send you running to Amazon!

First on my list, 
I really could have stopped there, but decided to give you a few more choices.

Name Necklaces for Mom/Grandma/Auntie/Sister/Girlfriend  :

I couldn't find this exact set, but I did find an entire listing of all mother's necklaces available on Etsy.  Just click above to see what I found.

Super simple to make for either necklaces, charm bracelets, key chains or such.  You can find fabulous pieces to make these and their needed hardware at Hobby Lobby.  If you like these and you are looking for something for Grandma, you will like this one...

I think I want this one for me :0)

Super cute and fun!!!  A little pricey for my budget, but is an awesome idea if you have a little more room in yours.

I love charm bracelets!

I searched these months ago.  You should know that everything on this post is something that I want :0)  
You can find these on Amazon, some listings include free Prime 2-day shipping!

I thought these looked very useful.  I hate my spoon caddy on the stove.  You still have to wash something additional.  With one of these, the spoon never has to drip on the stove/plate/spoon rest!

And while we are on the subject of spoons...
I thought these were super cute!  They are for purchase, but if you have a wood-burning kit, you can just go to town on your own!  Throw in some recipe cards or kitchen towels and you have a sweet little gift.

I am not a gardener {we are still trying to figure out how I have kept the children alive for so long} but I find these very charming.  They make me want to try, once again, to plant a herb garden, something small and sweet in my window box.

This wreath would be darling on a shed or even deck.  Love!

Super Cute Vintage Book Marks {no link but Pinterest Picture}
I am a sucker for vintage-looking junk.  I wish I had a link to the original post, but these are darling! 

This tut is in German so be sure to click "translate" at the top of your browser, but AWESOME idea!  I actually should make one of these for Madison!

While we are talking electronic gadgets, this pillow is super cute and useful for propping up you phone/ipod/mp3 while you are working away at whatever you do.  They are available for sale, but look easy enough to make if you have the time.

Again, would probably be decent to make if you have a few hours, or it is available for sale on Etsy.

For the Sew*er:
Great way to use up your scraps

This is darling.  Made from random plastic bottle lids!!!

I love this one.  It would be SUPeR convenient to have a pincushion on the front of the sewing machine.

For the hand-sew*er.  My sweet friend Bobbi made one of these for me, way more detailed {CraZy LaDie} and I LOVe It!

Raise your hand if you could use one of these!  One, two, three...ok, I can't really see you.  Put your hands down.  I can just SeNSe ladies all over the WorLd nodding their heads like "Yeah, I need that!"  Maybe I would spend a little less time looking for my scissors while sewing!

Wanting to Sew*Something:


Need, not Want...Ok, maybe not, but WANT!



Convenient and Simple.

Creative and FUN.



My Back Wants.


Cute packaging idea.  You could have the apron made, or just cut the fabric and include the pattern for the ladies that love a good project.

Go ahead and click on this link.  There was a lot of thought that went into this kit.  It is darling.  

This blogger stands behind this hand scrub as a fabulous way to get craft-residue off your hands.  She says the sugar is a fabulous exfoliator.  Hmmm...I may need to try this myself.  Sounds great!

While we are exfoliating, we should go ahead and cover feet too.

Awesome idea.  She modge podged scrapbook paper on to the scissors, then applied a glass effect to make them over the top, but this is a great idea for giving a nice pair of gingers or even just a pack of Walmart-special scissors.  What woman doesn't need another pair around the house???  I may just do this for my girlfriends...but don't hold your breath ladies!

While you have the modge podge out, you better crank out a set of these.  They are all over pinterest and everyone I talk to is making them.  Great gift for Moms and Grandmas alike.

{or Hotdish Dish :0}
We love you Minnesotans too!
Imagine if you had your name "Etched" in the side of that dish you took to the church potluck.  You would have gotten it back, right?  Now you can give the gift of "getting your dishes back" to your loved ones!  Etching is super easy and addictive.  I would, however, recommend getting a couple ladies together to make these just to share the cost of the etching material.  A little goes a long way and one bottle can make a hundred of these dishes.  As for the casserole {hotdish} dish, you can find them for as low as $5 at Walmart or your local kitchen outlet.

I don't know who, besides me, would make this, but it is SO CUTE!  Don't feel like making one?  Good news!  They are available for sale.  Check it out!


Love it!

Snowman LOVeRs:
Great idea to use gloves, cut the fingers off, and use them as the snowmen!
Super cute.

Love this pillow.  I was hoping for a pattern, but they are for sale.  That's ok.  We are running out of time to make something like this anyway!


For the Eternal Mother:
How cheep would that be!  Originally intended for a teacher, but I need this for my kids at home.

Want!  Come on ladies!  We can make that out of 2 liters and lazy susans, right?  Or we can just buy one.

I think this is darling.  Have someone cut the vinyl, then include some jute/ribbon and some modge podged cloths pins.  Cute!

Kids can make:

I have wanted to make these forever too.  Walmart and the office supply stores sell the binder clips in all different sizes.  The huge ones would be fun, but even the little ones are adorable.

Great idea and so sweet.  Spring for the truffle kisses for an extra special treat.

We used to make these all the time as kids.  Its a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Why didn't I think of that!?!  Find some sassy potholder, fold in half, sew it on two sides...BAM!  Done.

You would probably think of kids for these lap desks, but I could totally use one in my car.  You can make them super cheap too.  The cookie sheets are available at Dollar Tree for only a buck.  Dollar Tree is the only dollar store I found with cookie sheets {that were magnetic} for a buck.  You can even order them online!!!

Gift Wrapping Ideas:

Sucker for rolled flowers, right here!

Random-ly cut paper flowers.  Super easy, cheap way to dress up a package for "Her"

Straight from Martha, and Advent chain for MOM!  Love it!  Wrap each gift individually, then tie each gift to the next.  Give it to her NOW and let her open one each day.  What a great way to be "there" when you have to be apart from you loved one at Christmas time!

I hope you liked the random sampling.  I figure the benefit of being so random is that there has to be something that interests everyone, right?
Good luck with those last minute gifts!!!
Let me know if I missed something fabulous.  I know there is so much more out there.  
Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Thank you! I pinned some of the tutorials that I will make for Christmas gifts. Thanks again!

  2. This was an awesome list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. :)

  3. I'd do the cookie sheet lap tray with the tray the other way around so you don't lose pencils or crayons.

    1. Good idea! Thanks for taking the time to share it ;0}


  4. “If snowflakes were kisses I’d send you a blizzard” pillow - I’ve been searching for either the framed stitchery or pillow for over 2 years now and still NO LUCK :0(.... If you know of any for sale, please reach out to me I’d greatly appreciate it (jerseygirl.pmb@gmail.com)


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