Friday, December 23, 2011

It's a Wrap!

I know I am pushing the limits of Christmas, having not wrapped a single gift.  Hopefully you are not finding yourselves in the same boat.  I figure, this post can be good for you whether you haven't quite started {like me} or if you are finished.  For the procrastinator, may you find inspiration to start....For the over-achievers that have it all done, maybe you would like to spice things up with some of these festive ideas.  

Candy Coating-So sweet I wanna gobble these presents up!

Rosette Flowers-Um...Love them!  Don't know if I would want to devote that much time to a gift wrapping job, but Gorgeous!

Cherry Wrap-This would be cute at holly and holly berries, huh?

Darling idea.  So simple, yet so fun.

Pull-Top Can Package-Cute idea too.  She recycles pull-top cans {can-openering the bottoms, taking out contents, then re-using the can}.  It would certainly surprise the receiver!

Another FABULOUS use for paint chips.

Thanks once again to Martha.  The link doesn't take you right there, but you will enjoy the ride!

Perfect especially if your gift was fabric related, right?

Love it!  Great way to use up scraps of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper you no longer want.  

These are beautiful, but the link is to a whole line-up of gift wrapping ideas.

An amazing Pinterest find.
She had days and days of lists of posts on creative gift wrapping ideas.  Worth every single click.

Here are a couple I liked...

Again, a little time consuming, but WOW!

Then there are the gift tags...
I thought these Gift tags were darling.

You gotta love this Bunting Gift Tag {etsy}

Then, if bows are your thing, here are a couple tutorials...

*BEWARE*  Wrapping can be so addictive one begun, that you  may begin wrapping random items from around the house...
like your Klenex boxes :0)

Grab a diet Coke, a cookie and let the wrapping begin!!!
Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

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  1. These look almost too good to open. You should see mine this year. I've been wrapping as quickly as I can that it looks like a three year old wrapped them. Which reminds me I need to finish my wrapping today! Merry Christmas Vanessa!


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