Monday, December 12, 2011

Gifts for Him

I have been so incredibly busy that my friends have all started calling me to see if I am lying in a heap on the floor or something.  Every time I hit a weekend and think, "Man, I am glad that week is over," then the next one starts and I wish it was still the week before.  They seem to get crazier and crazier.  Don't ask me what I have been doing.  I don't even remember.  I am just making it one day at a time.  I did manage to come out of my sleep-deprived coma long enough to realize we only have...or we have less than two weeks until Christmas.  I think I managed to get everything taken care of for my kids on Black Friday, but gifts for  the family that doesn't live here {sheepish grin} I haven't even started!  Ahhhh!  and the Line at the post office was out of the parking lot and around the corner!!!  

OK, so if you are in the same boat, people that need gifts and you are in need of ideas, here are a couple I found.  This, of course, is if you choose to ignore my first admonition, Don't make gifts this year.  You know I only tell other people that, because in my mind I know I SHOULDN't...but we also know that in my heart I think I SHOULD make home made gifts, that is.

This post is all about Him, Dad, Granddad, Uncle, Mr. Postman.  Whoever He is.  You just might find something here that will work for what you need.

You will have to start writing now, but this could be awesome.  This lady wrote to all her father's friends and relatives asking for stories and memories.  I think you could pull this one off if you first, buy the adorable envelopes from Amazon {20 for only $3.99}, and second, if you just write one memory for each year you are old.  Right?  That would work...unless you are older than 60 :0)  Then you better go buy another pack of pens so you have enough ink and get started writing right away!

I am just enamored with these magnets!  I am a miniature lover at heart and I think the fact these are made to look like mini Polaroids instead of just small photo magnets is enchanting.  Enchanting is probably the wrong word, but it is the only word that comes to mind, so enchanting it is.

This is darling and easy enough to pull off.  You can either find someone that can do vinyl on short notice, or just print the words on paper and modge podge it on.  Remember that the boys at Home Depot/Lowes will cut the wood for you and you can probably find these pieces in the cull lumber section {discount section}.

Mr. SewCakeMaker doesn't wear cuff-links, but if he did I would make/buy these for him.  I think they are so cute and love that they are custom

These are for sale at this site, but I am wondering if we could make these.  What does Bob the Builder say?  Yep, that's right!  "Yes We CAN!"  I am thinking just sew bar magnets inside.  Done.  It should be just that easy, right?  I will let you know.  This would be one of those gifts I would get for hubbs, then steal for myself :0)  You know it would be smashingly adorable in Amy Butler fabric with a few rolled flowers and buttons and such.  It would work in the garage, or at the sewing machine.  Yep, put it on the list!

Another dead-end Pinterest link, but wow!  Isn't this Subway Art cool!?!

Made out of Salt Dough, cheap and fabulous!  This is one the kids can make and you can just stand back and ...well...clean up afterwards :0)  Lets be honest here.  But, it would be so fun to see the gleam in the kiddos eyes as they wait for dad/granddad to open this up Christmas Morn.

Yep, this with a fancy grilling spatula, or maybe a book on how to grill.  That would probably qualify as another gift for me:0)  I don't mean I would use it, but I would sure benefit from {him} using it!!!  I often threaten to make a black leather {vinyl} apron, complete with chains and such.  I could make the towels to coordinate!

This one will take a little longer to sew, but the rewards will be a not-as-grumpy daddy when he can find the remotes at game time.  Now that is a Win-Win situation right there.

Baby isn't the only messy eater around here.  This would be a funny gift that we would all get a laugh out of when it came out of the box Christmas morning.  It may just get used too.  

Certainly a gift that would be a HUGE success at our house.  Mr. SewCakeMaker is a Structural Engineer.  While other dads are outside playing ball with their kids, my sweet hubby is playing with, with the kids, yep, kids are there.  This would be a HUGE hit with just about everyone {maybe not the house elf that lives here and does all the picking up after play time is over, but everyone else}.

Fabulous idea.  Dads/Granddads eat, right?  Add a cute picture and saucy label, BAM!  Gifted!

Super cool!  I can see my men digging on this hunk of useful wood.  I am surrounded by boy scouts!
This just takes a walk in the woods and a little creative drilling.  Love it!

You can't go wrong with Dad/Granddad's favorite soda pop!  This site has the cute labels free to download and print out.  There.  All the work is done for us!

Now for a little creative wrapping inspiration...
Recycle those old Christmas ties.  Good thing about these, you don't have to actually cut the ties.  They can be re-used!

She went to a thrift store and bought shirts and ties, modge podged them to boxes and made rosettes out of the ties.  How is that for manly wrapping.

I can see even using a grocery bag and decorating it like this for bigger gifts.  The kids and Dad will love it!
I think you could also take this to the Super Hero level.  Decorate the bags with Super Man, Batman, Robin :0)  Hulk, Thor etc. symbols.  Dad will love the personal touch.

Well, I hope I got your gift-giving juices flowing.  I will be back tomorrow with ideas for Mom/Grandma!!!
Have a great night and Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Awesome ideas! Great ideas for my hard-to-buy-for dad!

  2. That fancy napkin looks like a fun gift! Perfect for my husband who loves to cook. Last year, I ordered meats online for his Christmas gift and he was ecstatic! I guess its true, food is the way to a man's heart!


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