Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More {Love}

I have had several requests for other labels for the I {heart} My Family blocks, so here are a couple more in case you are interested too.  Again, I have no problem emailing the files if you want a better quality print for you project.  You can email me at vanessa.cam5@gmail.com.

So there you go, labels so you can share some {Love} with Aunties, Uncles, Teachers, Cousins, Day Care providers, roommates and so on.  Share the {Love}!  Ok, that was cheesy.  
Merry Christmas anyway :0)


  1. Okay..I think I missed this project. :( What were these for? they are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They go with the block project I made this summer. You can find them Here:



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