Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crafty Bands Review

We got a lovely little box in the mail from Crafty Bands the other day.  Tonight Emmalee and I finally got a moment to sit down and try out the new Crafty Bands kit.  It was really a lot of fun.

The kit can be purchased on or from  It comes with all of the above, the cutter, four bands, 24 bubble toppers, and 24 sets of snaps to attach your buttons to the bands.

The kit didn't come with any images to use, but don't worry!  We have a never ending supply of Cinderella stickers.  Once I saw little Gus-Gus, I knew we found our stickers to make into charms. 

We put the stickers on a piece of cardstock and centered them one by one in the cutter.  

Once you have your image centered, put a glossy clear bubble on top.  I was thinking these bubbles were hollow, but they are not.  They are the solid, glass-looking adhesive bubbles often used in scrapbooking.

Put that little bubble on the image, close the lid, and press down.  This nifty little unit works like a circle punch, cutting the paper out to just the right size, AND it adheres the image to the bubble.

Now you have this cute little bubble ready for charms.

There are 24 adhesive squares included in the kit.  You adhere one to the back of each bubble, then press them into the center of the charm disks. 

Here are Emmalee's!
It is bracelet making time!

Just put the snap into the back side of the bracelet, place the plastic circly charm on the other side, and snap together.

Emmalee LOVED it!  She wouldn't let me stop.  
We had to do hearts for all the empty spaces on her bracelet before she set off making one for her friend.

Need a last minute gift for a cute little girlie?
Try the Crafty Bands!  They are new AND they are adorable!
The recipient can make charms that are all their own style.  
Refill packages are available at and from as well.


  1. Emmalee is freaking adorable! I am so jealous of your happy smiley model.

  2. I want to get one of those kits. That really looks fun. That happy face makes me want to giggle, CUTE!

  3. Awwwww! Emmalee is such an adorable one! I love her weirdo smile at the first image. My daughter loves the kits sooo much especially the stickers since she loves Cinderella mucho2x. XD


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