Saturday, December 1, 2012

Filling Orders

There has been a lot less creative play and a lot more order filling in the Sew*CakeMaker house lately.  The Christmas Ornament vinyl and acetate ornament business has totally taken off.  

Best news ever...
My custom die came!!!  I ordered this die cut from AccuCut last week, and here it is!  I cut an entire 24 dozen acetate ornaments in like 10 minutes.  Before it's arrival it took me ten minutes to cut about one dozen.  Oh what will I DO with ALL OF MY TIME!?!

I know...Clippies! 

Here are the clippies I just finished.  I have been working on them in my spare time for months, but for the past two weeks I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing clippies around the clock {with the exception of our Thanksgiving trip :0}  

These groups of four are all clay clippies that I made with fimo clay.  The first day Emmalee was sick last week, I sat next to her on the couch and made clay pencils for like four hours.  Fun, huh?

These clips are part of my felt order.  I stitched most of these back when we were in the hotel.  It is kinda funny to see them now and realize how much they remind me of the hotel.  Can I just say, those crayons were no fun at all.  I am just not a patient person and the crayons and I did not get along.

Personally, the mad scientist is a favorite.  
The tape dispenser has a little strip of plastic that comes out of the roll and is attached where you would normally tear the tape.  I thought that was a fun little accent.

I also love the little girl in the "dressed for success" clip.  I made a little twirl skirt out of ribbon to make her uniform skirt stand out a little more.

These guys are some of my charm sets.  I bought the charms at Hobby Lobby.  I am sure the girls will get a kick out of the charms bouncing around while they walk.

This picture shows my favorite clip of this order, the music stand.

The sheet music turned out so fabulous.  I made three sheets of clay paper on both sides of the music book.  My oven runs super hot and likes to burn everything.  The white clay was a little more like parchment when I took it out.  I really like it though.  It has that classic, aged music look.  
I also really liked this sticker clip with the desk and the books.  I thought it would be just another clip, but the books and tiny pencil are so adorable!

If you don't have a clue what these clippies are about, I have customers in the middle east that order these hair clips from me, usually in sets of 8.  The woman that purchased this order has two daughters.  They both wear 4 clips in their hair at one time.  Two clips on the head, two ponytail holders at the bottom of their braids.  

My customers want only school related clips, but do include music, sports, and art as acceptable themes.
Now that I am all caught up on my orders, I guess it is back to the drawing board to make up some new ideas!  I am hoping for some big sellers since I have a hunk of money to come up with for Madison's marching band trip to the Rose Parade on New Years day.  
Wish me luck!  It is gonna be a long week next week :0)

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