Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue and Gold Inspiration

I am finally getting around to posting these pictures sent from one of my followers, Jill, from Minnesota.  Jill and I chatted back and forth almost daily for a while there while she was ordering her firepits and getting ready for this Blue and Gold banquet.  She is such a fun and spunky lady, I am thrilled to share her event pictures on my blog today.  I know it can be totally overwhelming when you are asked to put one of these together, so hopefully you will get some inspiration from the work Jill did getting ready for her's.

I love the pennant banner along the wall as well as across the ceiling.  It sure makes things feel more like a party :0) 

Here is a shot of the firepit centerpiece.  I sure made a ton of those this winter!
This was one picture I had while working today.  Now just multiply that by three or four!  Whew!  Glad Blue and Gold season is dying down, but the Wooden Fire Pit Pattern is still available on my Etsy site just in case anyone is still interested.

Check out how awesome this display of photo cubes is!!!
I bet the boys were excited to receive those.

Jill also blew up the images from the cubes and made wall decor out of them.  So smart!  What a great way to tie everything together.

I SO love this banner!!! 
I may have to make one for our pack too.

Jill said she also added a table for the boys to display projects they had made in the last year.  She made re-usable name tags for the boys so she can use the same tag per boy every year.

Nice!  Included the Pledge and Cub Scout Motto.

Used brown craft paper for the placemats.  I really like the look of the tables with placemats on them.  Obviously the placemats don't have to be difficult or expensive to be awesome ;0)

I threw this picture in for one reason....check out the size of those coats!!!
I haven't touched a coat since we moved from Minnesota to Arizona.  I almost forgot they existed  LOL
Those suckers are HUGE!   

Jill, you make a lovely model :0) 

Check out their scrumptious spread!  They had a baked potato bar, complete with all the yummy toppings.

I LOVE cub labor!  Look at those handsome boys at work.  Those kabobs look yummy.  What a great way to include marshmallows {campfire theme} and something a little healthy.  I bet that whole thing would be good eaten s'more style! 

Handsome cub scouts totally enjoying a fabulous award banquet!  That is what Blue and Gold is all about.
Worth every speck of labor, wasn't it Jill.

Now, for a special note about Jill and her devotion to the cause.  Moments before the start of Blue and Gold, Jill got a phone call from the church youth group leader saying that her son was injured at the snowmobiling activity that night.  Her husband raced away to help him at the hospital, and Jill was left to run the dinner and festivities.  I can only imagine that took every bit of strength Jill had to keep it together for the cute little cubs.  Bravo Jill, for being that fabulous Scout Leader and pulling through the night so the cubs could have a great time!  So glad to hear your son is doing well and I sure hope someone nominates you for Cub Scout Leader of the Year!!!

Thanks for your pictures Jill.  I am sure they will be enjoyed by many a leader looking for scouting inspiration!  


  1. So awesome!!! Wonderful women like you, and Jill, inspire me to no end!

  2. Vanessa you made me cry when you reminded me of my son's snowboarding accident. He is so over that by now, and all I can say is that I'm so glad I had gotten most of the planning and making done months before this night. I mostly had to worry about cleanup, and so many families stuck around to help. I have never been referred to in a flatter me. Pinewood Derby is t minus 4 days. Wish us luck!!

  3. That was wonderful. What a great job of decorating!


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