Friday, April 27, 2012

1st Birthday Photos

Cute little Isabelle turned 1, and MAN is she CUTE!!!
I took these photos of her one sunny afternoon.
They turned out so darling I just had to post them.

This cutie pie just sits around taking it all in, rarely smiling.

I loved capturing her cute little looks and faces in their natural form.  She is just such a calm and observant child...just like mine {NOT!} {Yep, I am that old that I just said "not" after a not-true statement}  

This picture is actually one of my favorites.  Isa is just sitting there like, "Let me know when you are done."   Just for information sake, I don't have full photoshop.  I bought Photoshop Elements 9 last year with my tax return, and after a well paid-for class from Erin at TexasChicks, I learned how to use it.  This photo was colored with the "Soft Faded" action available for free from ThePioneerWoman.   It is by far my most loved action, and the best part is it didn't cost a cent!

I actually took these pictures a while back, making use of my basket of balloons twice in one day.  I used them for an infant shoot after this toddler shoot.  Talk about getting the most out of my money.  I have been dying to try a balloon picture, but needed to stock up on the shoots to make spending $20 on balloons worth it :0)

This was my shabby chic set up.  I made the burlap banner and hung it from the trees.  Speaking of trees, it is really hard to find trees in this part of Arizona.  We don't have hardly any, especially trees with lush leaves and such.  This little spot was a super special find for me!  One of the only green areas in miles.

I am super loving the chance to practice my photography skills on such adorable subjects!  Thanks Isabelle for being so darling AND easy to work with!!!


  1. These are some of the most ADORABLE pictures I have seen in a long time. I wish my daughters were still little...they grow up SOO quickly!

  2. Beautiful pics and this is the best birthday i think.Noahs ark baby shower supplies

  3. where did you get the basket? I would like to get one for my daughters first birthday party and Im having a hard time finding one. I love your pictures and your daughter is beautiful

    1. Stephanie, I got that basket at Target. My kids gave it to me for my birthday or something, but I think they are $30-$35. I saw some at our Target earlier this week, so hopefully you will find one where you are!

      Good luck,

  4. Where did you find the dresses? They are so cute!

    1. Momma had the dresses. The pink one came from Ross, believe it or not. The blue was a gift I think.


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