Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinterest Painting Techniques

One lucky customer was the guinea pig for two very awesome Pinterest painting techniques this last week.

The Vaseline thing I tried a couple weeks ago while making the door backdrop for the wedding.  It is fabulous, but be prepared to have Vaseline that does not want to come off.  At least for the doors, they were in the sun {I think that affected things} and when I used my paper towels to wipe the Vaseline/paint off, it felt like I got all the gunk off, but once the doors were cooled down, I noticed that there was a ton of Vaseline still there.  *note to self* don't work with the Vaseline in the sun :0)  I didn't have any problem with these projects though. 

As for the Elmer's {Crackle}, I am a total fan!  So I just dripped a little Elmer's on this heart, then spread it around with my finger.  I Vaselined the edges and a little in the middle of the heart, then painted with acrylic paint and a sponge brush over the top.  The trick to this is to have a ton of paint on your brush, brush very lightly, and then let them dry a LONG TIME.  I put the wood projects outside to dry in our already-hot Arizona sun.  I was a little disappointed at the little crackage happening on the heart, so I applied a thick amount of the Elmer's to the necklace holder.

With this one, I just plopped the glue on the project in a puddle and did not smooth it out with my finger.  Again, Vaselined the places I wanted, then lightly brushed on a huge amount of paint.  You want to brush the Vaseline and Elmer's areas as little as possible because you don't want to spread the stuff or mix it with the paint.  The Elmer's does take much longer to dry than official crackle, but it does a fabulous job!

Here are my finished products.
My customer is hanging an old picture frame above her bed and hanging these inside the frame.
How cute!

This is another one of the necklace holders I made a while back.  I still don't own one myself, but they are super easy to make!

I like to use the railroad tie-type nails.  Besides being cute, they are bigger at the tips and help to keep the necklaces on the hanger.

One more look at the Elmer's crackle and the Vaseline distressing.  LOve it!  What else can I crackle/distress!?!  I am not sure I can stop :0)

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  1. I love the initials and heart!! I have trying to figure out what to put above our bed, such a good idea! But I might just do a 'b' and not our initials since they spell 'is', it might be weird. You are so creative!


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