Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guy Senior Pics

Whew!  It has been a while since I had the chance to say hello.  We are smack in the middle of packing up our house and moving, very temporarily into the house across the street.  Last night the young men from church came over and carried thousands of pounds Sew*CakeMaker junk across the street into the new house.  What a relief!  Now I can finally show you the senior pics I took a few weeks ago.  I had a little bit of a hard time finding "guy" pics to look at for reference.  That is why I specify "guy" in my post ;0)

This is Ryan.  He is awesome.  He is a total nerd and totally fun to tease.  I was happy to see I could easily crop out the "Star Wars" from his t-shirt for his mom :0D  It made her happy.

Here in the desert we have a bit of a hard time finding fun places to take pictures.  There are no lush green wooded areas to make a fabulous background of the textures of nature.  I found this abandoned house...just as exciting, right?  Um, Ryan thought I was totally nuts when I told him to just walk through piles of trash, but I think the pictures were worth it.  Hopefully he does too.

These ones were outside a little tire shop down the road from my house.  I didn't think this "guy" would like to hit the farm fields {the only foliage around us} so I tried to find more manly places to shoot him....with my camera ;0)  This picture above is probably one of my favorites.

I love the stacks of tires!!!

You will never guess where we took these!  They are water walls, put in place just in case we ever get a spot of rain around here.  All the spots of rain will just run across land since the dirt is too hard to absorb the moisture and so we have to have huge empty canals all around our cities...just in for like the once a year rain.  I have actually seen these things fill to the top.  We had huge street flooding about two or three years ago....

Uh, guess I got a little off subject :0)  So glad these walls were in place cause they made a fabulous backdrop!


  1. You are always so clever with your backgrounds! An abandoned house; brilliant. Good luck with your move! ~Heidi


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