Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maddie Is Back!

I recently lost two entire nights of my life sewing a pile of pioneer garb for my baby girl Madison.  We are Mormon, belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and while I try to leave religion out of things, I did a heck of a lot of sewing and wanted to show it off :0)  Every once in a while the opportunity comes up for our youth to live a few days like the first pioneers, traveling the plains pulling hand carts.

Don't ask me why we sign ourselves up for this kind of thing :0)
All I can say is no one who lives to tell about the event regrets going. 

Somewhere around 170 youth, and who knows how many adults, set out on a four day journey, taking only what they could fit into a 5 gallon bucket, and walked across the prairie.  The early pioneers walked in search for religious freedom, in search of Zion.  These kids walked this week to gain an understanding of the sacrifice and the hardships the pioneers faced in their pursuit.  

I had a horrible time while Madison was gone.  Hubby worked extra and Eli was always gone playing or at swim team practice.  I found myself thinking about Madison most of the day and praying for her safety morning, noon, and night.  Finally this morning we got to make the three hour drive up to Flagstaff to greet Mads and her new "family" as they walked their final mile into the clearing.  

Madison said they walked pulling those handcarts something like 20 miles over the four days.  The first day they walked 10 of those miles.  They ate pioneer rations, 1/2 cup of oatmeal for breakfast, an orange for lunch, then broth and a biscuit for dinner just before climbing into sleeping bags laid atop the rocky soil.  Thankfully they were fed much more heartily the rest of the time :0)

Imagine 170 teenagers all bawling and hugging their parents all across a clearing in the forest.
It was such a touching moment, the kind to make the kid's whole trial worth it.

Here is Madison's war wound.
Do note the amount of rufflage around my girl's leg.  Once we drowned and scour all of her dresses and such I will show you what I made for her to wear.  We had a little fun, to say the least.

This is a picture of some of the kids in Maddie's "Family." Each family had a Ma and a Pa, ten kids, and an older brother or sister {extra adult to help when needed}.

I thank the Lord for the woman that cared for my girl while she walked the plains of Flagstaff :0)

She did it.  I am so super proud!

 You can see her bucket in this picture...kinda

I will get you the details on the thing I made later, two pioneer shirt/skirts, a long nightgown, two bonnets, and apron, and a swivel-top padded seat for her 5 gallon bucket....oh!  And ruffle bottom bloomers too :0)  but for now, I am going to bed.  It has been a long day and I didn't even walk the trail!


  1. that is awesome and amazing! something to be so proud of!! our kids are going to World Changers this week, my husband goes every year even tho we don't have one old enuff to go, it's his calling to work with older youth. thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Dear Maddie's Mom,

    I was Maddie's "Trek Mom." A friend of mine told me she saw pictures of me on a blog that she follows and sent me the link. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed having Maddie in our family. She is amazing. She constantly amazing me with her determination. even though she was still recovering from having pneumonia only a couple of weeks prior she would not give up. She fought through the hardest day with grit and determination. She carried our 10-pound flour baby (Jedidiah) pretty much the whole time. She cared for him, made a sling, fixed his blanket, neck, etc. Anything to make him more comfortable. Many of the other girls sought her out because of the warmth that exudes from her. You have raised a true young woman of virtue, kindness and love. My life will never be the same...Maddie is a wonderful young woman, an amazing example to others. One word to describe Maddie - INCREDIBLE!

    Much Love,

    Ma Jenny Roberts (Jenny-Bob)

  3. I live in Tennessee. When the trek comes around the kids get so excited! Both my older boys went on treks. My oldest boy told how at one point there was a fairly steep hill to climb with the carts. The men were ordered to sit and let the women do it alone. After some time many of the young men were getting upset at having to let the women and girls suffer. When the she-folk got near the top (if they hadn't made it yet) the men were finally able to help. My son said it was the hardest part of the whole trek to watch them suffer and struggle. But he understood why they did it that way. They learned just how hard it was out there on the plains. Unfortunately my daughter and younger son did not get to go on a trek this year. It was cancelled. I hope they get the chance someday!


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