Thursday, October 18, 2012

All In The Name Of Bobby Sherman!

Our Grandma came for a visit yesterday with a favor to ask.  She somehow got involved with a service project for some darling kids in Africa, sponsored by the one and only Bobby Sherman!  
Grandma's new Facebook friend volunteered to make 30 quilts for the kids, and somehow...I still can't figure out how, Grandma offered to make two ;0) 

You have heard my stories before about the infamous hot gluing of buttons on shirts and the duck tape hem on my prom dress, right?  Yep, this is the same lady.  Gotta love her :0)

Anyway, Grandma had a couple bags of cute fabric and batting she had picked out before hand.  
I have to say I was actually pretty excited for the chance to create again.  I have been feeling a little deprived lately with all the work there is to do in the new house.  

Grandma also had a sample of how the quilts were to be made.  We checked it out, read all about the the dimensions and then, got started.  We sliced and sorted and stacked 5" fabric sandwiches all over my kitchen.

My nephew Johnathon really loved the fabric sandwiches.  He was rather upset that he couldn't have sandwiches of his own.  Right about then he noticed the scrap pile and decided to make that into his own stash of fabric sandwiches.  Crisis averted and back to work!

I sew*ed and sew*ed...

Grandma snip

Finally, this afternoon we finished!  The cute little kids sleep on cots so the blanket is long enough to reach the bottom and just a tad skinnier than a twin blanket would be.  Grandma has a little bit more snipping to do, but we have that darling quilt sewn together!  
One quilt down and one to go...
all in the name of Bobby Sherman!!!


  1. That is a huge quilt! Wow it looks good but I am sure a ton of sewing!

    1. Not too bad ;0) I know you could totally handle it!!! Lindsey came over tonight and we did a little painting. Thought of you the whole time. I totally would have had you come over too :0{


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