Monday, October 8, 2012

Busten' Out {Tee-Hee :0}

We are finally back on line!!!  Moved into the new house {pictures to come...eventually}, Internet connected...and some boxes unpacked in some of the rooms :0}  You know, it takes longer than you would think to unpack an entire house...Especially when you are always looking for ways out of it.
I figure I better get this clothing adjustment posted before I forget about it.  That is pretty important...right?

Madison found this darling little dress at Savers here in Sioux Falls.  She fell in love instantly, just like me, but had one small problem.  Well, actually two :0)  How horrible of me!  My little girl has the same bustiness issues I always had and here I am making jokes about it.  Shame!  This cute dress was a perfect fit, other than the fact we couldn't zip it up when we got to the bust area.  

Certain I could do something to make the garment work, we threw it into the cart of back-to-school thriftiness and headed for the checkout.

 I know that I took moment-by-moment pictures....Sadly, I just can't find them!  I will try to explain what I did and hope that will suffice until I discover what file holds my step-by-step pics.
Basically, I pinned the ruffles down in place, aiming to cut a V shape out of the back of the dress.  I started cutting about 1 inch inside of each strap, angling down to a point about where the bow is attached.  I ended up with a triangle of scrap fabric and a gaping V in the back of the dress.  I started worrying that the straps wouldn't stay on her shoulders.  That was when I decided to sew the original V shape back on, just down one row of ruffles.  That worked great!  I was able to add almost 4" to the bust area and still keep the straps where they are supposed to be.  

I actually like the dress better this way!  Without all the fluff of the ruffles in the back, the dress is quite slimming.  Madison loves it too.  She wears this "Taylor Swift-like" dress all the time.  I wish I looked that cute in knee-high boots!

So hit the thrift racks today!  You CAN make it fit, even if you are a little busty ;0)

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