Monday, October 29, 2012

Odds And Ends

Doing a little house keeping today.
I have this picture sent to me months ago by a follower that used my Noah's Ark cake as inspiration for her own. 
Here is her note:
Hi there. I am a keen cake baker. Just amateur nothing professional. Wanted to make a Noah's ark cake for my sons first birthday and got inspiration from your page so thought I would email you a pic. Had so much fun making the wee animals. Thanks for your help. Will be keeping an eye on your site to see what else you come up with.

Thanks Marion Clark
Ayrshire, Scotland xxxxx
I didn't make this cake, but I can tell you it took hours to put together and was done fabulously!!!

I guess we kinda have a Scottish theme to today's odds and ends :0)  More to come...

I had a couple requests for the ghost trick-or-treater pattern.  Eventually I will have a couple different designs and put the group of patterns for sale, but here is a real rough draft of the little ghostie in case anyone else wants it.  I love to cut the wood out of 2" lumber, but you can certainly use 1" as well.  I would probably just put an extra scrap behind the bottom so you have 2" of wood down there to drill into for the legs.  If you want an emailed version of this, email me at  

And, finally, the only costume I made this year.  My kids were not super excited that I told them they had to come up with their own costumes out of things from around the house this year.  We are just too broke from our forever-long moving experience.  Eli decided he wanted to wear a kilt.  

THIS was the example he showed me.
We all voted and decided he needed to use his muscle man costume from a few years ago...not that he isn't naturally buff ;0)

As you can see here, he looks just like the picture above :0)
I had the exciting adventure of making his kilt without an iron.  That was interesting.  For the life of me, I swear I had the iron in my hand and placed it on some fabulous shelf somewhere in this house.  I still cannot find it.  Have I mentioned that it is a Rowenta iron!?!  I want to find it!!!

Anyway, I decided that I was willing to spend a couple dollars if the item needed for the costume was cheep enough.  That is how Eli got away with getting a new costume made.  I do plan on making the girls skirts like a kilt out of some harvest-colored homespun I bought at Hobby Lobby some time ago.  If interested, I will show you my method later.

We had a very chilly trunk-or-treat this year.  In Arizona we often had near 100 degree weather for Halloween.  Now we are back to wearing snowsuits under our costumes again.  Honestly, I love it!  Here I am from Arizona, and I am the only person walking the streets without a coat.  I can't seem to get enough of the cold!  It is fabulous!!!

Happy Halloween and I will be back shortly with my Frankenstein Trick-or-Treater!!!

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  1. Wow! Eli looks absolutely heroic! I love the Kilt and hat with the muscles. What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!

    You did a remarkable job as usual.


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