Thursday, October 11, 2012

RIP Hair Clip

I saw this little sticker in Micheal's and thought it would be pretty cute as a hair clip.  Go ahead, blame it on my clippies.  A couple of years ago I NEVER would have seen a sticker and thought clip :0)

I purchased this sticker from Micheal's, like I said before, then added some tulle and feathers for spunk.  I glued the whole mess to black felt, then cut around it with scalloped fabric scissors.  

The sticker is extra cute because it is layered on springs.  That means when she turns her head, the tombstone wobbles.  LOve it!

Madison is stuck on the sloppy bun on top of your head thing, but the clip works with that hair-do too.

A couple of you requested pics of Mads wearing her mini marching band hat, so here you go.  She really loves it.  Her friends keep asking for me to make them hats too.  I think I just discovered how we will fund Madison's trip to the Rose Parade in January ;0) 

Here is a picture of the witch hat too.  Madison might have been sick of me taking her picture, but Eli was just getting started.  I love my kids.  What would I ever do without them!!!

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