Sunday, September 15, 2013

Menu Easel Options

OK, searching for easel ideas today.  I didn't get around to making the chalkboard menu easel on Saturday, so I am trying to get my pattern figured out so I can start on wood cutting in the morning.
The easel above is very similar to the one I saw for sale from Hobby Lobby the other day for $35.  The Hobby Lobby easel was a little too small for what we were looking for, but the easel above was posted by Dianna over at Our Vintage Home as a DIY!  Just thought I would throw that out there in case you were hoping to make an easel yourself :0}

Faux Chalkboard Scroll Top Easels
I was hoping for something a little fancier though for the wedding.  This Etsy listing by Laura at LHCalligraphy is beautiful.  I love the scalloped top.  It is for sale for $185 last time I checked.  

I thought about sculpting the sides too, kind of like Genia's Easel over at Art For You.  
Very cute.  

I totally LOVE the way the INSIDE of this easel is cut.  I like this idea more than shaping the outside of the sides.  If you want this one, by the way, it is for sale over at TheeVelvetGlove for $250.  Mine won't be any where near that nice.  I, as of yet, don't own a router.  

This chalkboard menu is also darling.  I think you could make one from a cupboard door or something.  So cute Katie over at Sweet Rose Studio.

I think this Crib-Easel transformation is amazing!  What a darling use of an old crib.  Not gonna happen for this wedding, but such a cute idea.

See, the top of this is more what I was envisioning.  This is a one of a kind find antique frame for sale over at Restoration Lighting Gallery for $399.  Sorry Shelby :0}  Not gonna be able to get that, as if you knew you wanted it.

And that leads me to vintage mirrors like this one over at

Well, I only have flat wood to work with and about two minutes to put it all together.  We shall see what my easel becomes...

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