Saturday, September 14, 2013


Big smile on my face this morning!  Yesterday afternoon and evening I worked like a bunny and got my yard stakes finished all except for the bow {waiting for the ribbon to be delivered}

We are doing two sets of stakes.  Going down the driveway towards the reception hall they will say, "This Way To Happily Ever After."  On the way away from the reception hall they will say, "Thank You For Sharing In Our Special Day."  :-}

I also finished the Mr & Mrs Last Name banner {minus the ribbon, same reason}
This will go on the wall behind the head table at the reception.

Then I made this sign for the ring bearer to carry.  I had a small issue of the vinyl being too big for the Mr&Mrs banner, so I was worried about it being too big for this one too.  Thus, I made it kinda small.  I am sure it will bother me enough to re-do later today.

*ignore the mess.  I must, so so must you*
That leads to my last little thing, my injury.  I accidentally sanded my hand on the power sander.  

um, ow

Can't say I want to do that again.  I am hoping it will just go away.  This picture was taken last night.  The bandages are a little worse today.  I have to go buy some more bandaids.  It is all OK though.  The crafts must go on!

Today, I am making another wedding sign, the food markers, and an easel for the menu.  
Wish me luck!  I have to get back at those lace lanterns before I lose my nerve :0}

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  1. What a cute idea! I can't wait to see them all lined up at the reception!


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