Friday, September 13, 2013

Ups and Downs-Staying Sane

Guys, I feel like a total crazy person pulling with all my might to get to the top of my pile of things to do, only to find myself plummeting to the bottom of the track and facing another giant hill.  Ever feel like that???

I thought this picture of the roller coaster at the Mall of America was a good image to portray my brain...totally out of control :0]

We are one week and one day from W Day, otherwise known as my brother's wedding, and I am in trouble!  Here is my list of things that still need to be done:
finish two flower girl dresses
Make a Mr&Mrs Banner
Yard Stakes-13 to be exact
Centerpieces for the Rehearsal Dinner
Assemble Programs
Place cards for the Buffet Dinner
Easel Menu
19 more Lace Lanterns
etc, etc, etc...
And then the cake.

I do remember that I not only volunteered for each and every assignment, but often even was the one that proposed or talked the bride into the item.  Sweet Shelby is so patient with me in all my ADD idea changes.  She should have an extra award just for having patience with my calls and texts.

In all the madness of the past few days, I don't really have any finished things to show you, but I have had a couple small successes that have put a smile on my face.  I cut 4 ft. vinyl on my Cameo for the first time... 

I got the rest of the cake pans ordered for our mini cakes I am starting next week.  

In the same box, my three bottles of Stiffy also arrived.  Keep your fingers crossed that Stiffy is the magic product missing in my whole lace lantern fiasco!!!!!
I posted this picture on FB yesterday, but here are just a couple of my attempts
 at the whole lace lantern thing.  Thinking about trying it???  
DON'T!!!!!!!!!  Just turn and RUN!

I am so far in that it is totally personal now.  

The Silhouette Portrait I won a couple weeks ago from CUTE AS A FOX came in the mail yesterday {Girlish scream}
I never win ANYTHING!!!!  
I still can't believe it.  

Wait!  I have to go look at it again......
 Oh!  It is just so pretty and shiny :0}

I have to admit that I have had a couple total breakdowns this past week.  I was very sick, my husband's car died, and with that, I was stranded without a car, blah, blah, blah...
I have found myself just grasping for anything to be happy about, trying to keep myself centered and functional.  Here are a couple things I have found helpful...

Stare out the window for long moments and notice Nature happening peacefully amongst the madness...

Get a little nutty.  Corn Nuts have become a favorite this past year with all the driving and moving :0}  I have found that crunching down on these babies helps me...actually, I don't really know how they help me, I just like them as a treat and try to "treat" myself when things start looking bleak.  

Doodling.  I wanted to come up with a fun haunted house to cut out of vinyl.  Here is one of my rough draft doodles.  Not artist material, but when I have totally had it with life I love to retreat to the crafty corner of my brain and focus my whole mind on sketching out a couple of designs.  I find it very therapeutic.  
Can't wait to get a couple hours to play with this sketch!

Spend a little time with my weird kids.  I made them the level of weirdness they are, so I really get their humor.  I don't really get the excitement of sniffing a noodle up your nose, but I really love the laughs I get out of listening to and watching my kids joke around.

Here is a random sewing pattern I want to try.  I thought those tops would be really cute to make from a nice re-purposed sweatshirt of Dad's or from the thrift store.  They work great with leggings, which are totally in right now, and this pattern looks pretty basic and quick to put together.  My golden combination.  You will be seeing this some time this fall.

As I have gone a little vinyl crazy, these vinyl Halloween faces are awesome.  When things get tense, I tend to get a little wacky {I guess it is my own defense to ward off insanity}.  My family is going to come home one day next month and find these all over the kitchen glasses. 
 No need to throw a party to use them :0}  
Life is an occasion.  Rise to it! 
 -Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium 

I worked for weeks on new Christ-centered Christmas ornaments.  I have finally decided NOT to add to my stress by trying to debut the designs this week.  But once this wedding is over be ready to be amazed and have this uncontrollable urge to purchase 83 dozen for all your family and friends {Marching band is not cheep!!!}.

More Randomness....Take a look at the birthday chart of my daughter's Kindergarten class.  
One could deduce that July is simply too hot for baby making...
and September {when the kids are finally out of the house} 
and December {Spirit of Giving and all that} 
are particularly romantic months.

Just Sayen'

Scott thinks I am terrible.  I think he was crazy to marry me...but now he is stuck.  Should have thought that one over one more time :0P

In another quirky moment of desperation I let the kids talk me into buying this air freshener from Target, My Hawaiian Hula Girl.  I totally love her...even though now the car is my husbands so he can get to work and i never get to see her any more...Who would have thought such a small thing could bring so much happiness.  It is probably all proof that I have in fact already cracked, but those of you that have been around for a couple years know that this is all just the nutty truth of who Vanessa Sew*CakeMaker is deep down inside.  
I will stay true to me, even with all the madness going on around me.  I hope you stay you too!

Happy Freaky Friday the 13th.  

I will try to be more regular this next week, but don't expect more than blurry pictures and shattered sentences.  I think that is all I will have left to give :0}  See ya soon!


  1. This is by far my favorite post. It really shows your Obray. If you need any help I'm completely available Tuesday - Friday I can drive up if you want.

  2. This is by far my favorite post. It really shows your Obray. If you need any help I'm completely available Tuesday - Friday I can drive up if you want.

  3. What an awesome rant of reality. Girl, you signed up for too much!


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