Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Kallie

Here are a couple of things I made for my sister Kallie this past while.  She was over Monday awaiting her flight to Disney World Tuesday morning.  I still have to sew the pieces of Emmalee's St. Patrick's Day skirt together, but when I realized Kallie and clan would not be back for St. Patrick's, I hurried to get Char's skirt made.

I bought all the fabric from Joann's.  I am not a super fan of the quality of some of the fabric sold at Joann's, but for a skirt that will only be worn a couple times, the price is nice.  They also have really spruced up their selection of prints.  I have been totally impressed the last couple of shopping trips.  The Owl print from the Valentines line was an instant favorite for me, just like these cute little Patty's Day birdies.  

I have crocheted many blankets like for my own kids while I patiently waited for them to be born.  They were also made for several of the babies born to my brother's/sister's/in law/friends/etc. 

You must know....

I hate them!  

I love them for how nice they are, but I am not known for my staying power with projects that take hours and hours and hours...and especially for such a small blanket.  

Basically, I make them for those babies to show them JUST HOW MUCH i LOVE THEM!  This blanket took three trips around the outside edge with crochet thread.  I started it in July.  Yep, I said July.  It was touched several times between then and now, but it was worked especially hard on during free moments since Christmas.  As of yesterday, baby Sawyer is three months.  Pretty sad he didn't get his blanket before the three month mark, but it took me 9 months to get it done.  I think it is totally fair.  After all, it takes 9 months for babies to be finished too.  Why should the blanket take any less time?

I am just going to be happy I finally finished it.  Late projects are totally acceptable, and often excusable, but NEVER-to-be-finished projects are NOT ALLOWED around my house ;0}  I am thinking there were about 20 hours total invested in the stitching of this blanket.  I am not a super fast crocheter, but I try.  I have many a friend that can craft that needle in circles around me.  Just remember it takes longer to sew love into the stitches along with the thread {or at least that is what I tell my self to feel better}.

Here is an up-close.  

As for the pattern {for you that know how to speak crochet}...
I buy my blankets, or have them hemstitched in Utah whenever we get to go visit family back there.  I have looked into buying a hemstitching machine, but can't seem to find where to get them.  Anyway, I know I told you I hate these blankets, but that is the dark, lazy side of me speaking.  The baby lover in me totally loves them.  They make such a nice, sturdy, love filled gift for new babies and their mamas.  Sawyer, this one is for you!

So, Tuesday, about one hour before I was to take the clan to the airport, I discovered Kallie had two pieces of fabric in her car she was afraid to ask me to sew into a blanket.  Well, that is about all it took.  I cannot stand the idea of fabric going through life unfulfilled.  I grabbed the bag and whipped up this car seat cover.  In my defense, I have never made one of these and did not have the car seat nearby when I made it.  I would make a few adjustments in the future, like a little longer in the back and not as long on the sides...

Actually, I think I would change the shape so there is less fabric there along the arm...but, well, it will serve it's purpose.  Now baby Sawyer will be protected from the onslaught of germs spraying off the bodies of well wishing baby admirers all over Disney World.  Plus, I got to use my snap press again to add snaps to the handle straps.  Party in the craftroom BABY!

Have a great time Kallie and clan.  Just remember your poor family stuck in the snowbanks back here in Minnesota.  Don't go getting a tan or anything.  We are jealous enough LOL!

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  1. I commented on this last week but it didn't take. Cole still has the beautiful blankets you made for him :) And my girls still wear the 4th of July skirts you helped me make! You've blessed many with your craftiness!


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