Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Skirting Around My Housework

Why clean when you can Sew!  Right???  
Especially when you have a particularly spectacularly adorable piece of fabric.  

Check out this cute print by Riley Blake.  It is part of the 
October Afternoon  collection, I think it is called Fly a Kite in Teal Blue.  Sadly, it is a couple years old, so I don't think you can buy it anywhere.  

I really, really love that I asked Emmalee to run and put this skirt on, took pictures of her, then tossed her on the school bus...never noticing that the seam was right in the front.  Yep.  I really am known for my attention to detail ;0}  Anyway, still love the skirt.  Just pretend that girl is not seen in double, OK?

Yes, and I have a very high fashion model too.  Yep.  I have been tempted to have someone else's child be my model.  I do believe it would be easier.  At least my child has personality.  I will just keep reminding myself of that.  What I lack in patience, she makes up for in personality.

She thinks she is so funny.

Anyway, here is a close up look at that fabric.  I can even tell you when I first saw it.  Madison and I took a trip all the way from our home in Goodyear Arizona to Mesa to check out the scrapbook/quilt store there.  If you ever take a trip there, Scrapbooks, etc is a Fabulous place to visit.  Anyway, we had seen the fabric during a quick trip in about January, then caressed it and smelled it some time in the spring.  Once we found out we were moving away mid-July, we made the special trip back just to buy a yard of the stuff.  
We didn't know what we were going to make with it, 
we were just pretty sure we wouldn't find it again once we moved.  

Fast forward a year and a half and you will find me rummaging through stacks down in my basement looking for fabric I could turn into a couple of skirts.  I found a pile of fabric I had set aside to make summer pants for my little Emmers last year.  Apparently the wedding rush of last summer didn't leave me much time, cause I think I only got one pair of pants made.  I brought the pile of fabric upstairs and started dreaming up skirts.  I hate when my girlie tries to wear a regular t-shirt and leggings.  I know it is the current style right now, but I much rather that whole middle part be covered up, if not by long shirts, then skirts.
Long story short, I wasted away the warmest week of our winter whipping up skirts, saving my wood projects for the next week when we would once again be below zero :0P  Yuck.

As for the skirts I made, I love them.  Each one makes me smile.  They are all so different, but each has at least one fun fabric I was dying to make something out of.  This skirt though, this skirt is my favorite.  I love the little kids spending their day the way little kids should: carefree, outside, enjoying the last fabulous days before Summer turns winter again.  I miss the days when kids just went outside and played the hours away, not stuck to screens, not worried about stranger danger.  Just kids having a pleasant day.  What happy, cheerful colors.  I love everything about this fabric.  Who better to wear it than one of my favorite girls.  And heck, if I can get out of cleaning, I will sew everyday!  

I will show you the rest of the skirts as I build up the patience to get Emmalee to model them some more.  It may take me a while....but I will try ;0}

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