Monday, March 10, 2014

Pit Pass 2014

I went for a Nascar ID badge look this year.   This one is designed for one per photo

Here you get two per photo.  I was excited to find there is a barcode generator you can use for free.  That is how I made the Pit Level Access barcode scanner ;0}

So basically, you just put one cub scouts photo in the square provided, using whatever scrapbooking or photo editing program that allows you to layer images, save the file and repeat the process for each racer you have.  I like to use the boy's name as the file name to make things easy to name.  Then, I send the files over to the photo lab via the Internet to get them developed.  You can also load the images onto a disc and take them into the store for developing.  After that I laminate them with my dandy little laminator I bought at Walmart, punch a hole in the top and run a ribbon or yarn through the hole so the pit pass can be worn around the neck.  The smaller ones that are side by side measure 3x4 and can be inserted in the clip-style id badge cases sold at local office supply stores.  

After repeated requests, I have started including certificates in the collection.  Here is the award I came up to match this year's pit pass.  

You can access and download all of these files HERE in my dropbox.  If you want to check out any other pit pass versions or any other cub files I have you can find them HERE.  If you open your own dropbox account, you can just transfer the cub folder to your box and not have to download everything to your computer!  Score!

Let me know if you have any other questions

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  1. love these. Thanks! I'm going on 5 years running as den leader... still making pit passes!


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