Monday, March 10, 2014

World Traveling Kinders

Emmalee has been coming home every day absolutely bursting at the seams to tell me what she learned about England from school.  They had an airplane ride, tea with the Queen, and Emmalee even got to have her picture taken with the royal lady. 

 I had offered to change up that bulletin board a little while ago.  Em's teacher told me she would like a board where they could hang up a couple projects about the two countries they were talking about in their social studies unit, England, and them today they are starting in on Africa.  I thought for a while, then finally came up with a suitcase.

I cut the two "travel stamps" with my Silhouette machine.  The suitcase I made out of the colored butcher paper supplied by the school, but took it home so I could cut out and lightly shade the edges with a darker brown spray paint.  I have discovered, while spray paint is VERY stinky for a while on wood, on fabric and paper the smell dissipates fairly quickly.  

Emmalee came to school early with me so she could help hang up our giant suitcase.  She remarked at how ginormous it was.  I informed her that if 40+ students were going to tour two countries and only go to take one suitcase, it had better be the biggest one ever to fit all of their clothes ;0}

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