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Classroom Luven'

classroom decorations classroom decorating ideas home staging okc Classroom Decorations classroom decorating ideas Home Staging Okc
My aunt is a school teacher here in the Twin Cities area.  She sent me a couple pictures the other day of her classroom and asked if I had any ideas for how she could spruce things up.  Her poor classroom is in need of a little luven' care.

After a month of no brain activity, I turned to google to help me find some inspiration.  These are a few things that look fun, bright, exciting and many are great ways to organize all that a teacher has to keep in order.  A couple things are just crazy.  I have to have a little crazy to balance out all the over-the-top perfection I found while searching today.

Classroom Polka Dot Decor {DIY}
I haven't seen these crate seats for a while.  This one is adorable with it's polka dot fabric.  These would be a great seat to use in a reading center.  You can even store the reading materials inside the seat!

Classroom Polka Dot Decor {DIY}
I am loving the covered storage drawers lately.  Mainly because I want to do this to my own in my office.

Classroom Polka Dot Decor {DIY}
This set is over-the-top crazy amazing.  That had to have taken a ton of time.  It was well worth it with how amazing it looks now that it is done.  Mary, get Austin on this project for your room right away!

This blog post had some good resources for purchasing these bins.  Love the chalkboard labels by the way!

I am sure you have seen this post before about using washi tape to spice things up around the room.  It would be a great way to bring a little color into things in a classroom too.

Make the edging look totally pro with washi tape. | 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom
Like this simple use of washi tape around the top of the filing cabinet.  I would have wrapped the handles too.

SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS - OOAK license plate art, graduation gift, christmas gift, teacher gift, classroom decor, retirment
Totally random, I know, but when you have an extra $500 you need to get this for your classroom!!!
Or just my house.  I love it!

Speech Language Pathologish SLP Therapy Door Decoration Teacher Gift Classroom Decor Gifts for Teachers Back to School Printable
Here is a really cute idea for an out of the classroom sign for sale on Etsy.  It would be a great way to use those glittery clothes pins you have left over from Alexa's Grad Party!

Cover clothes pins with glitter, put a magnet on the back, and you have an instant way to display things. ALSO...Mod Podge over the top of the glitter and it won't "shed" everywhere

Teachers Name Wooden Block Set Custom Teacher gift Classroom decor personalized
Um, adorable.  I LOVE how they displayed the teacher's name.  You can get this on Etsy for $4 a letter block.  

Love using the ceiling!
Now Auntie Mary, I don't think we should stop with decorating the walls.  We should also decorate the ceiling, don't 'ya think???

The Simply Scientific Classroom: Spiral Deco Mesh Wreath - Classroom Decor....
This spunky wreath is pretty fun.  Check out the curtains down below.  You have gossamer curtains hung in your classroom already, right?  I love it.

Book ambulance :)  I like this one!
You will need a book ambulance.  If this were in my classroom it should say Book Emergency room, cause it will sit and sit waiting until the ends of the earth until it is finally seen and fixed.  You gotta love a good, never ending emergency room visit.

magazines displayed in page protectors and hooked onto a curtain rod with circular hooks
I like this idea for storing things like these magazines.  The space over the windows are often overlooked as storage areas.  It is actually a great place to add shelves or storage like this rod and hook system.

Pencil Board
Now this one just makes me happy.  First, because it is using pencils to create art.  Second, it is totally crazy and you need it on your wall.  I might need this on my wall.  It could be cute in the office?

Cute classroom decoration or teacher gift! You could use plastic flowers and attach them to pens.
There is more pencil {love} going on with this pencil vase.  I have thought a time or two about making something like this, but I could never imagine the end product.  This guy is just perfect.  Love the sunflowers too.  Flowers would brighten any boring classroom.

20 "Meet The Teacher" Teacher Gift Ideas & Printables|Spoonful
Now this jar was just included, again, one for the pencils, but two for the awesome use of the canning jar complete with cute little tag.  <3 p="">

Now Mary, I think you need to make your computers into monsters/people too!  Seriously, I love this idea and I can't even imagine how this creative lady came up with the idea.  We are doing this!

I haven't told you yet, but I seriously think you need an Owl theme to your classroom.  And some of these green metal file holders...
Classroom decor and accessories  Ladybug inspired classroom decorating www.schoolgirlstyle.com
Although, this red, black, and white color scheme is super cute too.  And a giant M!!!  Like for Mary!?!  Amazing.

Hang in there.  I am getting pretty nutty this far past my bedtime, but I have so much more to show you!

Classroom Decor Pencil Banner by GiftsbyGaby on Etsy
{source} For sale on Etsy for $15
These two burlap banners are simply adorable.  I seriously love them so much.  What a creative use of burlap!!!  Have I mentioned my school supply addiction I have been fighting ever since the clippy disaster of 2010???  It has been wild.  

Banner. $15.00, via Etsy.

This is a fun way to keep kids in line during school.  Another great way to use all those hundreds of glittered clothes pins :0}

Oh how Pinteresting! {Classroom Decor}
Now this is so cute.  I have a few of these I purchased from IKEA.  I need to do that to mine and make my craft room a little cuter.

9) Something to beautify your teacher's desk - { All Things Bright and Beautiful } #teacherschangelives
I know I said I loved the pencil vase, but number vases are a close second.  How cute is this!?!  I actually need that as a photo prop for Back-to-School pics.   It is perfect.

Never underestimate the importance of something as small as a button, a button magnet that is.  How sweet.  These precious button magnets can live all over every metal surface in your room.  When they are not holding up school papers, they will just hang around being adorable.

chalkboard paint+colorful tin cans=cuteness!
A few years ago you would not have seen me even consider tin cans a tool in decorating.  These cans are awesome.  I love the  colors they were painted, plus with the chalkboard patch on each can they are just adorable.  Mary, we should just make some of these, fill them with bright colored school supplies like these, and put them up on a shelf never to be used, just to decorate the space.  

{source}-another link that goes nowhere
The cans are cute this way too, not painted and mounted to a board.  So many possibilities.

bookmarks! such a simple, cheap, nifty idea!
Have Austin make some of these too.

I love this.  The bright colors, how clean and clear of clutter the classroom is.  There is no way I could EVER have a classroom this clean.  I am such a pack rat, if I taught, there is no way my room would look like this.  I DO love the pennant banner hanging from the ceiling.  Never overlook the ceiling.  If not the periodic table of elements, then maybe a banner and some pompoms???

Yep.  We have to line your shelves with paper.  I will put Madison on this.  It looks like her kind of thing, all detailed cutting and mod podging.

First Grade Fairytales: Ten Pin Linky : Classroom Decor & Pinterest = Perfect Combination!
We better have her do the filing cabinets too while she is at it.

Recovering your chair will be my job.  I can make you a fabulous chair cover!

I just love how creative our teachers are when it comes to their classrooms.

Now that I have shown you a crazy amount of accessories and things we can do to already existing furniture ans such, check out these classroom themes I found.  Most of them are CRAZY OVER-THE-TOP.

Absolutely amazing.  This lady has skills to pay the bills.  If you go to her website and click on the classroom button at the top, then scroll down to the classroom decor selection...the most amazing selection, 7 pages of just links to themes.  When you click on the themes you get to see the details up close, details like these...




Other themes that were just so cute...






Road Trip-  This theme would be cute with the "Oh the places you'll go" Dr. Seuss theme.

and some theme ideas from a few other sites...
Dr Seuss Classroom Decorations For Party

jungle classroom decorations

An Animated Springtime Classroom Setup | 30 Epic Examples Of Inspirational Classroom Decor

Owl Classroom Theme Owl Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style www.schoolgirlstyle.com

TeachJunkie.com/ is another great place to look to find idea.  Well, Auntie Mary, I hope this gives you ideas of all that we can do with your classroom.  There are so many fun little projects that will make a big difference.  Now you just have to pick a color scheme or a theme and away we will go ;0}

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