Thursday, October 16, 2014

Custom Orders Rock!

I have a little somethn' somethn' to show you!  I had the funnest time with this custom order I got recently.

My customer wanted a glue gun stand that was personalized for her friend that was starting a crafting show.  How EXcITING!  What a thoughtful friend too.  She had no real preference on color, just wanted a monogram put on and the jar for holding glue sticks.

I went with the teal stand because I LoVE IT!!!  It is such a bright cheerful color.  If you ask me, I would say it is the perfect color for any holiday or to mix in with just about any craftroom motif.

I think more than for making the stand, I was excited that she asked me to gift wrap the stand!  I love to gift wrap, but my financially practical side kicks in and I end up not getting to play as much as I would like to.

After about 2 hours of walking back and forth in the new Hobby Lobby up here in the Twin Cities, I finally settled on this combination.  I found this adorable box in the party section.  FYI, the party stuff never goes on sale or is ever included in the ad sales.  You CAN however use the 40% off coupon on party section selections.  That was what I did with this box{cause I just couldn't find an option as cute!}

I layered tissue paper in the box, put the stand in, then locked it in place with these wood scraps made into blocks.  They worked perfectly to keep the stand from shifting and the tissue hid the blocks from view.

I ended up having to fill the box with bubbles just to make sure that glass jar didn't bounce around, but covered the box with the lid and that tiny bit of ugliness was hidden from first view at least.

Everything was found at Hobby Lobby.  The flowers were on sale, the burlap ribbon was on sale, and the metal M, well, it was adorable.  Not on sale but adorable AND re-usable.  I love incorporating things that can be decorative AND re-usable.  I had a lovely turquoise door knob I drove around in the cart more than half of the shopping trip, seriously thinking about putting the door knob on as decoration.  Finally I decided it might just only be cute to me and ended up putting it back.

I found the little chalkboard pick in the scrapbook section and added the little "For You" in white vinyl.  

Ahhhhhh.  I love a good crafty tension releaser.  I needed one and SO loved getting in the zone with this project.  Now back to real life.  So much to do, so little time!!!

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