Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In My Photo Playground

My handsome red-headed younger brother proposed to the love of his life in the Grand Canyon last winter.  He set up a tripod to take these insanely awesome pictures of the day.  My sweet sister-in-law to-be asked if I could maybe touch them up at bit.  

I gladly ran them through my Lightroom program and was amazed at how much detail you could see with a little lightening.  SIL-to-be said it would be fine to share these pictures of their special day, so remember, these are not my pictures.  Just a couple pics I got to bring to my photo playground.

Above is the before...

And my after.  

Black and white :0]  I love a good black and white.



Black and White



Black and white

A little antiquing

Add some old parchment texture to the picture.  I love it!





Have I mentioned HOW much I LoVE Lightroom!?!  I LOVE LIGHTROOM!  
I ended up signing up for the monthly plan, $10/mo for Lightroom and Photoshop.
I wanted to try it for a year before investing in another photo program.  Can I just say it was totally worth it!
You can edit a whole folder of pictures at once.  Love.  That is all there is to say.

Thanks Dave and Davie for letting me show off your pictures.  I can't wait to see the wedding pics!!!
And yes, those are their names.  We just call them Team Dave or The Daves now ;0}

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