Friday, October 3, 2014

Maddy's Maken'

All I have been doing today is making and packing glue gun stands.  That is why I thought I would show you what Madison has been making.  She decided two weeks ago that she would rather be at home, doing school online, than fighting the yuck at the local public high school.  It takes a couple weeks to get all set up and started with the classes, so she has had TONS of time on her hands.  I have had her painting and gluing, cleaning and cutting.  Today, I simply ran out of busy work for her!

My sister Kallie asked Mads to make her some hair flowers/clips for her little 3 yr. daughter.  These are what she came up with.  

Don't you just love these Halloween and Fall clips!?!
You want some, don't you.  Well, I might be able to talk Madison into taking orders.
We will see about that.  She will finally start classes this next week, but should still have time on her hands for creativity!

Here is a closer look...
This is a little monster she made out of a lace puffball.  She actually made a few of these last year as ear rings.  Silly girl.  They are adorable though.  Maybe you have to see them in person, but simply darling.

Cutest Frank I have ever seen

Pumpkins for fall

And my own Sofie the spider.  I had like 20 sitting around here and am finally out.  Mads made this one new for Kallie's girlie.

Super cute work from my own baby girl.  I am afeared that the time is short before 
her creativity trumps  my own.  The girl has mad skills and she is only 16!  

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