Sunday, October 26, 2014

Photo Fun on the Farm!

Well hello there!  How have you been?
I have been out of my mind crazy busy!!!

The worst of it was riding in the ambulance with Madison so she could go have her head stapled shut after falling on her way to get the mail.  Yep.  That kind of thing pretty much has been the story of my last month.

Rather than having to remember all of those days I have been trying so hard to suppress...I think I will show you a handsome family I got to photograph!  I just finished their edits and really can't wait to show them off.

We took a few pictures at Heritage Acres Park in Fairmont, MN, then drove out to their family farm about 15 miles out of town for a few more pictures.

The most amazing thing about this picture to me is the sky.  You would never believe how grey it was, and still I was able to play around with the picture in Lightroom for just a minute or two and get this!

Oh how I wish that were my family picture!

I was totally excited when Melissa told me she wanted me to come down to the farm to shoot the family with the tractor.  I was NOT prepared for just how HUGE the thing was!  But it was beautiful.  I can see how the family could be proud of their little tractor ;0}

Thanks Melissa and your beautiful family for letting me take your pictures and have a little bit of fun on the farm.  Now on to more edits!  I have a whole pile of fall pictures from my Harvest Mini Session I shot last weekend.  Those pictures and more coming right up!

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