Sunday, January 4, 2015

SewCakeMaker Snowman Round-up

Just a little flurry of inspiration from my site to you ;0}  If you are a lover of snowmen, you might like one of these projects...
My 2x4 Brrr block snowman set

2x4 snowman {with minimum cutting}

Not snowman, but I love penguins too, so it's in.  Penguins put up with enough snow, don't they?

Then these three below are favorite projects I have made more than once, but I did not make the pattern.  My favorite artist Heidi Markish did!
SnowMan Ornaments

Heidi Markish Pattern

Heidi Markish pattern

It is time to get crafting some new snowmen for my collection.  Any day now the idea I have been waiting for will come to me...

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