Thursday, October 20, 2011

Craft Party-Halloween Style

I love it when Ashley {from Cute as a Fox} has a party and I get to blog about all the cool things she does.
Above it her spider breadstick bowl filled with marinara sauce, Yum!  I couldn't believe how cool it was.   

Ashley got to throw a craft party sponsored by Elmers Glue and Exacto.  The sent her buckets of stuff to put in the goody bags, and more stuff for us to use in our craft projects.  Here is the bag.  I know, right?  It is Tons of stuff!  

We ate first.  Ashley managed to get her hands on some of the pumpkin bread bowls from the same bakery we used for Super Saturday.  We had delicious potato and ham soup.  Here are a couple of the other fabulous creations we got to eat...
Jack-o-lantern veggie platter

Chocolate covered pretzels that gawk back at ya'

Acorn doughnut holes, and I don't have a picture of it, but the best Mexican bean dip EVER!

Check out the cute bottles of pop.  

The table was set with personal frame placecards.  So very cute.

When we finally finished with all the delicious food, it was time to craft.
We were all given foamcore and an endless supply of papers, chipboard cutouts, and various other supplies.  We set about designing the boards to be mantel or bookshelf decorations. 

Here was a board done by fellow blogger Julie from It's Sew Stinkin Cute.  Love the name, love her board.  Honestly, once I saw her paper I wishied I had found it first :0)  Being me, I forgot to turn it over and get the Christmas side.  She made a huge paper pieced present on the flip side.  

Here was my Halloween side.  I plan to add pics from last year and put it on the mantel.

Mary spent the entire night making this awesome and adorable spider.  I waited and waited to take her picture and she was always almost finished.  Finally, I forgot and we left and I never did get a final photo.  Here you go Mary.  I made sure to get a picture of you in here since I couldn't show your project :0p  You know you love me :0)

My board's flip side I did with the three trees for Christmas.  I will probably put our family's Christmas picture here.  This was especially fun because I got to try out a new tool.  
Since "I" am not blogging this post for Elmer's or Exacto I can show you this awesome tool by Tulip..
You buy their gems, simply place them where you want them and then grab your Glam-It-Up tool.  You push the button for about 5 seconds to heat it up, then touch the metal end to the gem.  It melts the adhesive behind the gem in seconds and you have a jeweled project with no stress whatsoever!  Yep.  Gonna own this one too.  Thanks for the tip Ashley.

While helping to load the car I had to grab a shot of the box.  How cool it that.  Elmer's sent the supplies in a box that has the words cut out of the sides.  I really just want that box and I can't quite explain why.  

Anyway, Thanks for the fun crafting night Ashley!  It has been a while since I sat down to make something totally just for fun and totally just for me :0)

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