Monday, October 10, 2011

Speedy Fast Flapper Dress

Don't laugh.  We had about 30 minutes before heading out the door to drive up to my Grandmother's funeral. I decided I HAD to make this dress for Emmalee.  Seriously, it took 30 minutes.  Scott just rolled his eyes when I told him I was starting a dress.  When it was finished, his jaw dropped and he said, "You just made that!"  "Yep," I said with a smile on my face.  

In the car, with 14 hours to spare, I hand-stitched this headband to go with the dress.  
The dress is basically a rectangle.  I measured Emmers around the chest, then added about 4".  That was the width I cut the eyelash fabric my wonderful friend Bobbi gave me FOR FREE!  It doesn't fray, so I didn't need to serge any seams...I didn't even hem the dress!  Fabulous!  I sewed the rectangle into a tube, then put a strip of black satin along the top.  I used ribbon as the straps over the shoulders.  Ta-dah!

Emmalee ended up volunteering herself to lead the music for the opening song at the funeral.  Scott said he wasn't sure what surprised him more, that she volunteered, or that they actually let her lead.  But lead she did.  We sang a rousing rendition of I Am a Child of God.  It just so happens to be Emmalee's favorite song.  This 3 year old can sing ever verse herself.  It melts my heart.  

On the way back from the burial site in Tooele, Utah, we stopped at the Great Salt Lake to take in the view.  My kids are sick of my little "funny" about the Great Salt Lake.  I had my bridal portrait taken on the lake and always said it was a good thing it wasn't scratch-and-sniff. Whew, does it not smell pleasant {the lake, not my picture}! But the view is worth any discomfort.

I thought my kids needed the opportunity to experience it all first hand.  We ventured out on the salt flat not knowing the adventure that awaited us.  

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but we passed dozens several dozen dead birds carcasses to get to the water.  And when we got there, the shore was covered in bugs!  Hmm, I wonder why :0)

Yes, that's right.  It is a moving carpet of bugs.  Eli actually had a great time running and jumping in the moving layer.  Each time he jumped, the bugs moved away in waves.  I tried to take pictures of it, but you really just have to see it in video...

So the moving black line is the carpet of bugs, some kind of gnat looking thing, that lined the beach.  YUcK!  

Yep, Emmalee isn't the only one who felt like a shower afterward :0)
But didn't that dress look cute through it all!  I love it.  If you want to see a step-by-step tutorial, let me know.  I just bought some hot pink from Hobby Lobby and I really can't wait for an excuse to pull it out and start sewing!


  1. I've always wanted to be a Flapper girl for Halloween but never could find anything modest enough. Hmmm... I may just have to have you make me an "adult" version next year! ;) Very cute!

  2. oh i LOVE this!!! so very, very cute! i may have to head down to hobby lobby today and get me some more ruffled fabric.

    (for some reason, it won't let me post with my name ... i'm jannet - and i love your blog!)

  3. I would LOVE to see a tutorial on this dress... I have a 5 year old girl named Emmerald a.k.a. "Emmy" that would love one in Green! And I know I can sew a straight line... And I love your blog too!

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  5. Love the dress, I am going to make one for my little girl. Also, I am a Child of God is one of our favorites too, glad she got to lead the music. :)


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