Saturday, October 22, 2011

Merry Swiftmas Came Early This Year!

Now, I know that this Taylor Swift concert was my first real concert, but seriously, it was the
Thank goodness for my friend Sonia bringing her camera.  Apparently detachable lenses cameras aren't allowed in the concerts, so we relied on her point and shoot to record the images of the evening. 
Here are a few of the shots from the night... 

She really totally deserves entertainer of the year if you ask me.  I have never seen someone put so much heart and soul into a performance.  It was absolutely AMAZING!

Besides the fact that she is totally adorable and charming, she is so stinken' talented!  
Every time we turned around she was pulled another instrument out of nowhere and started to play it.  The 5 string guitar, the 6 and 12 string guitar, banjo, ukulele, piano...Madison appreciated my mom-nudge about how many instruments she plays.  She thought it was a little excessive of me to have her learn piano before she could take the violin.  Now, since her school doesn't have an orchestra program, she is taking the flute. 

I loved all of Taylor's flirty facial expressions.  All she had to do was move her eyes from one side to the other  and the crowd went wild with screams and applause.    

I loved her clothes!  She is so cute about her clothes normally, but the different pieces for the concert were totally true to her personality.  And speaking of different clothing, she would walk behind a pillar and come around the other side in a whole new dress.  This girl worked the entire 2 1/2 hour concert without a break, a lull, or a pause, and managed to change her outfit at least 10 times.

Never would I have imagined seeing a full line of stringed instruments playing symphony-style at a country/rock concert either.  Their was even a prima ballerina in the showat one point.  We saw some pretty young girls lining up to get into the event center.  I can only imagine how dazzled they must have been at the beauty and magic of it all.

I think one of the most amazing things about Taylor Swift is how incredibly personal she is.  She managed to walk from the stage to the back of the floor section, sat down by this tree, and chatted girl-talk-style with us all.  Who else could draw in 14,000 people and make them all feel like they were her best friends just hanging out for a good time.  She sat on this tree, that turned every so slowly, and sang 5 songs sprinkled with girl-talk.  All I could say over and over, all night long, was "She is so adorable!" and "She is so incredibly amazing!"  

Loved the set too, by the way.  If I haven't mentioned that yet, I am also in awe that this whole production was more like a play, each song leading to another, introduced with more girl-talk and carried out with fabulous set changes, special effects, and talented dancers.  
Did I mention that we reallyReally loved the whole night!!!
I can't imagine how dull a regular rock concert would be without all of the theatrics now that we have this concert to gauge things by :0)

Oh!  Oh yeah.  That's right....I mean Madison and her friends all really liked the concert :0)  
I just went along to chaperon...but managed to add my fair share of delighted screams to the din.

Big finale...Then of course Taylor came back out for not one, not two, but something like 4 more songs.  Don't you just LOVE this dress...

This was probably my favorite moment with her cast/crew.  Seeing them all sitting there around the couch was really charming all by itself.  

During Love Story she rode in this balcony out over the audience, down the left side, along the back, and up the right side of the crowd until she reached the stage once again. 


So sad it ended, but an incredible first concert for Madison and myself.  
We are definitely going next year.  Madison has decided she needs to round up a cow girl hat, boots, and some cute little country dress to wear by then.  
Gotta LOVE Taylor Swift!  It really was "Enchanting" to see her :0)

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