Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Pumpkin Cake Pops

Madison volunteered to bring dessert for her church activity tonight.  We had visions of elaborate cakey contraptions of grandeur...but as we finally finished homework and such we just didn't have the energy.  Here are my oh-so-basic pumpkin cake pops.  
I decided to go with paper straws instead of sucker sticks.  I am so glad I did.  They are ADORABLE!  I dipped the balls in orange colored almond bark {colored with candy coloring, NOT REGULAR FOOD COLORING, found at Joanns, Micheals, or your local cake supply store.  

You know me, can't resist variety of color and texture, so I sprinkled half with orange sugar sprinkles.  I know the adults don't usually like sprinkles, so I never do all of them with sprinkles, but the kids...they just can't get enough.
I thought of several ways to make a pumpkin over the last couple weeks.  They all seemed too complicated.  That was how we finally arrived at the green ribbon for the stem thing.  Too Cute!
Simple and stylish.

When I am running behind, oreo cookie pops are the fall back.  The funny thing is, I think they are more popular than the cake pops.  They are much faster too.  Instead of baking a cake, waiting for it to cool, I just rip open a bag of oreos, chop it up in the food processor (purchased just for oreo cookie pops :0) *{shhh, don't tell Mr. Sew*CakeMaker}* then blend in one block of cream cheese with a hand mixer.  Love it!  Everyone else seems to also.

I will be back soon with the Trick or Treat bags I have been snacking on over the past few days as well as our costume line-up for this year.  Just to give you a clue, someone will be a SackBoy from Little Big Planet, someone will be a Hello Kitty, and someone will be a Fairy.  Bet ya can't guess who!!!

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  1. Oh these are adorable!! I love the secret cake pop mix.... so trying that. I'm suppose to make cake pops for our church group tonight.... I'm cheating and using donut hole in sprinkles. Might have to try these oreos though!!


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